When I first saw this video I thought that it was very cool how once again AirNZ was being innovative in their marketing, while also acknowledging (albeit in a subtle away) that gay flight attendants are a fact of life, and hey, even All Blacks are OK with that (just not OK with kissing a guy).

So here’s that video:

Media are now reporting that Air NZ cuts gay kiss from in-flight safety film (NZ Herald) and All Black gay kiss-off cut from Air NZ video (Stuff.co.nz) because of complaints.

Here’s my issues with this decision:

1) The trivial bit:

It’s NOT a gay kiss!  The headlines are all wrong.  There never was a kiss.  It was a ‘no thanks’ to an offer of a peck on the check.  There is actual no proper kiss in the whole video, there is only an air-kiss between a female flight attendant, and an All Black.

2) The main issue

The scene was cut due to complaints from members of the gay community. So what?  I am gay and think it’s great!  Will (the flight attendant ) is gay and thinks it’s great too.  So yeah, let’s ignore those other silly gay folk shall we?

But wait, it was also reported that:

The complaints included a suggestion that the scene could lead to gay male suicides, The Dominion Post reported.

So they SUGGEST that it could lead to gay male suicide.  Well I for one think it’s AWESOME to show an out and proud gay man interacting with an All Black (flirting with him even) and saying ‘Hey we think this is just a part of NZ life, so we will show it on our safety video’.

Kiwiblog got the headline right with: Political Correct Wins again. CRAZY!

I don’t really blame AirNZ for this, although I would love it if they would stick up for their rights (and mine) on this one and challenge the gay complainants to prove their claims, or even better have a public debate about it, and agree to honour the outcome/decision.  I’d be in to argue for the affirmative team (ie the kiss does more good than bad).  The people who should feel ashamed here are the anonymous complainants – well done guys, you have now removed a positive gay model from the eyes of young gay men.  Home goal me thinks.

Black and White Version: AirNZ is coo,l, their marketing is cool.  Being gay is cool.  Showing gay people in their video is cool.  Turning down a kiss is cool too (if done respectfully) but complaining about it is NOT cool.

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