I have commented on (reviewed if you like) a couple of web sites recently (here and here) and noticed a trend: they are crap.

It appears the most common mistake is also the most fundamental issue for any web site – what’s it for? (ie is it info?, trying to get sales?, or like this site providing a vehicle for me to vent?).

I thought it may have been me, you know being picky and all. But it appears the issue is more wide spread than I thought. So, to save the day (well OK, it won’t actually save anything, it will just highlight the issue) I will post regular reviews of web sites using my newly developed and ever evolving web review criteria.

I intend to finalise how the criteria will work in the next few days, and then use a standard review format between reviews.   I will also add a new reviews page at the top menu bar so they are easy to navigate too.

Anyway .. watch this space.

Black and White Version: I will review web site.  Yes, really, I will.

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