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SeatBelt holder Scirocco-R

Golf-R and Scirocco-R review and comparision in New Zealand


Yes I have finally done it – test drove the new 2010 Scirocco-R and Golf-R back to back.  Here is my detailed review and commentary, plus information about stuff no other reviewer has mentioned (but I think any owner would want to know).

I did this on Saturday 15th May 2010 in Auckland, courtesy of Giltrap Prestige on New North Road.  The weather was a combination of overcast, and rain (ranging from light showers to very heavy downpour).  This means that at one stage part of the roads were VERY flooded, and plenty of variety to test the cars   Oh, before I start I would have to say the sales staff were very helpful, and knowledgeable too.

UPDATE Feb 2011: I now own a Golf-R – my updated review can be found here (but read this post 1st!)

Anyway, here’s what I will be covering in my review:

  1. My overall impressions of each car, trying to focus on what other reviews don’t tell you (but you might wanna know)
  2. The differences between each car
  3. How they stack up against the competition and the whole value thing


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Volkswagen Scirocco-R (pre) review


UPDATE: I have now written a full review of the Golf-R and Scirocco-R. (Follow the link)

To be upfront, I haven’t driven it yet, but I am TRYING to, and as soon as I have I test driven the Scirocco-R will post a review here.  But I do have the full Scirocco-R specs in pdf format for the NZ model, something I can’t seam to find on the VW Web Site for the Scirocco.

Unfortunately in NZ there was only one demonstrator, and it was sold.  There is a Press car that will start its tour around NZ in the next week or so, and that will be free mid-June apparently, but that’s too late in my view.  So I will keep working away!

I also want to do a back to back test drive of the Golf-R (my initial review here), as, like me, many will consider both cars.

One thing I have noticed, and I will comment on this in my full review, is that the specs for the car vary significantly from country to country, especially with what is an extra and what’s included.  Case and point: In the UK DCC (adaptive chassis control) is standard*, in NZ it’s an extra ($1,750 me thinks). In the UK tyre flat warming system is std, here its extra (but only $125).  The NZ web site isn’t too good either, since it doesn’t list the Scirocco-R, (click here for NZ specs though).  But it’s not all one sided, I think parking assist is included in NZ and not the UK.  All will be revealed in my review/test drive.

* Dont ask me why,  but yes Adaptive Chassis Control is abbreviated to DCC (D for Dynamic Chassis Control) in the Golf-R and Scirocco-R spec sheet in NZ.  I think this is coz it comes from the older Adaptive Chassis Control used in some VWs, but I could be wrong.

In the meantime here are some useful reviews that I have found (I have omitted most of the reviews that are just re-hashes of VW’s Scirocco-R press release, which in itself is useful at least for specs, but full NZ Scirocco-R specs are here)

UPDATE (15 April 2010): I have found the Scirocco-R NZ specs pdf on the VW NZ web site, so have changed my links to connect to this file.  I still cant find how to get to it from their main page though, and the Volkswagen NZ Scirocco page still only lists the GTI as the top model.

Update: 6 May 2010: I am due to test drive a Scirocco-R and Golf-R back to back on 15 May 2010.  So my review is just over a week away now

Black and White Version: Full test drive and review of the Scirocco-R is coming.  In the meantime specs here (for NZ)

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