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Vodafone, please fix your attitide while you fix your network


I blogged recently about issues with the Vodafone network for smart phones, and how they (Voda) were trying to say they weren’t real issues, and blaming everything EXCEPT their network.  So I get to re-use my bullshit graphic, coz that’s what is, IMHO, happening again here, bullshit spin from Voda.

Because Vodafone have finally admitted there are issues.

However it’s clear that have major problems – not with (just) with their network, but with their attitude.

Vodafone spokesman Matt East defended the time it had taken Vodafone to notify customers of the fault.

Nokia Siemens Networks engineers had been looking into the “complex network issue” for a week and were working around the clock, but the cause was not yet known.

“We prefer to do a thorough investigation before we go out to customers, so we don’t give them the wrong information.

“We are not going to run out there every time someone drops a call and paste it over the website that we’ve got network issues or there is a problem.”

There wasn’t ONE complaint Mr East, there were dozens of complains. And you KNEW about the issue, because when it was reported last week Vodafone tried to blame iPhone users for turning on their phones at the same time.  That would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic (and untrue).  Ask anyone who works in the telco space and they will tell you the last response from Voda was complete rubbish (a few dozen phones connecting at one time does NOT take down a network!)

Here’s what you need to do Vodafone:

  • get real, and admit the issue
  • say you are gonna fix it (and do it)
  • compensate your customers
  • most importantly COMMUNICATE with your customers about the problems and update them on what’s happening (it would be too easy to put in a dig about being a communications company after all – ooops, too late I just did it).

And if you aren’t sure how to do this @ Vodafone – go hire some people from Telecom who handled the XT outages – they did the communications thing quite well.

The issue is less about IF things go wrong (coz shit happens) but WHAT you do about them when they do.

Black and White Version: Vodafone admit faults (finally) but their bad attitude is what needs to be fixed first.

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Vodafone – the good and the bad and the bullshit


Any reader of this blog will know I like Telecom’s XT network.  And no, I am not paid to say that, I don’t work for, nor have I ever worked for a telco (or a supplier to one). I have always just been a customer/end user.

Anyway, I have commented before about how Vodafone’s network does have issues too, but Vodafone issues often go unreportedWell the lastest issue that Voda has are causing quite a stir (along with this blog post on Voda’s crappy network)- not the least of which because they are denying its a problem.   I found their recent excuse most laughable (from this NZ Herlad Story)

At certain times of the day there’s a lot of congestion … What happens in Wellington is they come out of a meeting and all switch on their iPhones at the same time and find it’s congested.

This is either spin (which I think it is) or Vodafone has very serious problems. If a network can’t handle a few dozens smart phones turning on at the same time in a major city, then the network has MAJOR issues.  How do they handle airports (aka a few hundred?)   Actually come to think of it, this is bullshit, since 99% of people don’t even turn phones off, they just put them on silent when in meetings.  So yeah .. cut the crap Vodafone!

Anyway .. the good news is Voda are planning a speed upgrade (maybe because XT keeps kicking their arse in speed tests?)

Good to see voda also understand the real value of their 2G GSM network too

Baird also announced that Vodafone will push out the life of its aging GSM network until at least 2020. If there are problems on the 3G network customers default to the 2G network – ensuring, in most cases, that there is no total loss of service.

He said that customers value the GSM network as a “fall back position”.

“They like the redundancy it offers, so we’ve made the call to keep the GSM network operational for at least another decade.”

I’ve blogged about this a lot, how one of Telecoms issues is they have no fallback from XT (their other network is incompatible).

The BIG difference I see here is how Telecom (XT) and Vodafone respond to their issues.  Telecom fronted up and admitted it, and did something about it while Voda seam to be in denial mode.  Not a good look voda. (In fairness, XT’s issues were more significant, but that’s not the point I am making here – it’s not whether or not issues happen, it’s what they do about them when they do).

Black and White Version: Voda network appears to be under pressure, and lots of unhappy campers.  Speed upgrades coming.

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the fonze

OMG might Telecom actually be cool?


I have been meaning to blog about this for a while.  And that’s the rise of Telecom vs Vodafone in NZ, and who wins in the cool stakes.

Actually I should take a step back, let’s first talk about the FALL of Telecom.  When Bell South came along in NZ it got a whole bunch of high end business users, but was not regarded as mainstream by many.  From memory, estimates were it had around 10% market share.  It also had coverage issues, especially in Auckland.

When Vodafone bought Bell South in 1998, their market share begun to steadily climb, for a whole bunch of reasons:

  1. It had a superior product (GSM sim card based tech vs CDMA)
  2. Better phones (more GSM handsets from the then market leader Nokia)
  3. Telecom was the atypical monopoly, and people hated them, so anyone who wasn’t them was perceived as better
  4. Most important, IMHO, Vodafone was COOL.  Telecom was boring, old and .. well, not cool.  Vodafone marketed this very well at the time.


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iPhone Speed Test – Vodafone and XT in Dunedin


I got a very nice email from  Ahmad who has done some cool (and independent) iPhone 4 testing in Dunedin.

Ahmad goes to some lengths to point out hes NOT associated with any telco – and just wants to share info (like me hes just doing this out of interest).  Thanks Ahmad, and here is the video:

Full test results for iPhone 4 XT vs Vodafone here.

Update: Here is the disclaimer info from Ahmad’s page, which I think is important to re-post here.  Coz I just say “Wow .. XT rocks” which is not quite how he says it!

  • This is NOT a test of which network is “best” or “fastest” out of Telecom XT and Vodafone 3G.
  • This is an iPhone specific test, and should only be taken as such. It is a comparison of speeds using the  iPhone 4 device, on Wednesday 4 August 2010 in Dunedin.
  • The test results should not be extrapolated beyond the scope of the test. However the results should be of interest to iPhone users in Dunedin, and to iPhone users generally. Your milage may vary if you use a different handset/device, or if you live in another city/town.
  • I am not a telecommunications expert. I am simply an iPhone user with an interest in testing the claims of Telecom XT being “faster in more places”. I repeat – this is a hobby. I welcome any feedback about these results and will endeavour to correct any errors which have been made if they are pointed out to me.

Black and White: More evidence that XT rocks on the iPhone (although like anything, it can vary).

Hat tip: Ahmad.  Thanks!

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Mobile Termination Rates Will be Regulated in New Zealand


YES!  Finally. WOOWHOO!

After all the attempts by the big two (Vodafone and Telecom) to stop this, it’s gonna now happen.  And this is GOOD for any mobile user in NZ.  It will also help 2Degrees to grow and be a more effective 3rd player.  The reason this is so important to 2Degrees is that 95%+ of mobile users are on Voda or Telecom connections they can’t drop their rates too much because of the high Mobile Termination Rate (the amount Telcos pay each other to interconnect). Anyway .. this will help this big time and enable 2Degrees to lower its rates further and further drive down prices!

The Telecommunications Minister, Stephen Joyce, has announced Mobile Termination Rates will be regulated:

Mr Joyce says he considers that accepting the Commission’s recommendation meets this test and in this case will lead to lower mobile termination rates and more competitive mobile pricing plans for consumers.

“Following today’s decision I look forward to New Zealand mobile users enjoying more competition between operators and better prices.”

The next step is to add mobile termination access services to schedule 1 of the Telecommunications Act by regulation. The Commerce Commission will then go through a process to set prices and other terms which mobile carriers must offer. This process will likely take a few months.

And who do we have to thank?  Well the boys at droptherate for an excellent campaign AND of course a big thanks to Vodafone, for their own goal (yep they sure screwed up).   Sucks to be you eh Vodafone? <grin>

Black and White Version: Well done on regulating mobile termination rates Mr Joyce!

HatTip: Kiwiblog

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iPad dataplans in NZ (updated for 2Degrees)


A week or so ago I did a post about iPad data plans in NZ, and included some nifty wee graph of the various plans etc.

Well 2Degrees have gone and made that post redundant with their new plans, so here is is again, UPDATED.

There are some (new) assumptions that need to be made here which are all noted, and the whole 60/90 day expiry with 2Degrees makes it less easy to compare across providers, so I have done the basic use it all in month one option, along with a more sophisticated graph.

UPDATE 4th Aug 2010: I have fixed 2 errors already.  Voda was recorded as 500MB (should be 250MB) for $20, and, and 2Degrees was 15GB (should be 10GB).  All fixed now.  Thanks Reece and Brett for spotting these!

My assumptions (important, so please read):

  • 1GB = 1000MB (not sure if this is how telcos in NZ charge or not to be honest, but I have been consistent with this, so it will make very little difference).
  • All rounded to the nearest dollar.     X axis is always in MB.     Y axis  is in $.
  • XT plans are the Pre-pay versions (so you get the 10c/MB till you hit the cap)
  • I have just put in the pre-pay plans, as that way it’s consistent and fair (and less lines!).
  • I am assuming Vodaphone do allow 10c/MB for over rates (their web site doesn’t say, not that I can find!)
  • No allowance is made for any difference in part charges or min charges per connection (no idea if this makes a lot of difference or not!)
  • The graph shows a straight line line between each data point, which is right EXCEPT all 2Degrees plans, where it SHOULD jump up $6 every 50MB or $20 every 500 MB etc, and not a gradual progression as the graph shows.
  • It assumes you keep buying packs on 2Degrees when you run out.  In reality you get to use any unused data from that the next month, so the first two graphs are slightly unfair to 2Degrees just after each re-buy point (but the later ones try to compensate for that by spreading the data over 60 or 90 days.
  • No specials are allowed for – this is the ongoing rates the telcos charge (so the 2 Degrees paid for 2GB get 3GB is just shown as 2GB here, nor is the $10 discount for XT on contract shown)
  • It assumes you are in an area of 2Degrees Coverage (or else you need to ignore every 2Degrees col except the $6 one!).

Note: Click on any image for a larger view.

All plans – based on 30 day use it or lose it, up to 10GB

All plans – based on 30 days use it or lose it up to 1GB

All plans – based on average cost per month, factoring in expiry, up to 1GB

Plans 2GB or more – based on average cost per month, factoring in expiry, up to 5GB

Commentary (updated 4 Aug)

Any winner less clear cut now with 2Degrees in on things.  A reminder of course 2Degrees is only really an option for any moderate use if on the 500MB/2GB/15GB plans, and these are only available in ChCh/Welly/Akl and Queenstown. The 60 and 90 day expiry on the data on 2Degrees also is a MAJOR bonus, esp when you are a heavy user (2-3GB+ per month).  IN case you missed it, 2Degrres has a 60 day expiry on the 2GB packs, and 90 days on the 10GB.  2Degrees packs and expires explained here. All others are 30 days.  2Degrees is also the only carrier to allow you to just keep buying more of the same pack in a month (I checked this by calling them – yep you can buy a 2GB pack each week if you want – something you CANT do on XT or Vodafone).

I would say when you are on the right plan (for your chosen telco) the price diff isn’t MASSIVE. So for a few hundred MB it’s $20 or $30 (I know that’s 50%, but its only $10!), or its around $50-$60 for a couple of GB on all three. When it changes is when you go over that, or change your usage, and it can sting (for going over OR under).  XT is far better when you DON’T use it much for a month (the 10c/MB to start with, esp if you normally use a GB or two), and 2Degrees 60/90 day expiry is very handy if you top up mid month (the only one that allows multiple top ups through the month).  And remember to factor in coverage, and speed (XT wins hands down there).

If you go a LITTLE over a cap (eg use 501MB and on a 500MB plan on XT) the 10c/MB until it hits the next double up cap level (ie you get a further 500MB for $29.95, but once only) is both fair, and good value.    If you go A LOT over your cap 2Degrees is great value since you can just keep re-buying multiple top ups (the only telco in NZ to allow this – the other penalise massive over usage in a month, 2Degrees just says: Sure use some more at the same rate – much fairer!)  Also one should not underestimate the advantage of the 60 or 90 day expiry on 2Degrees.  If you are moderate use (say 750MB – 1GB a month) you can now buy a 2GB plan and use the data over 2 months (in effect $25 per month for 1GB/mth)  Fare cheaper than anything else available.

Personally, on balance, XT is still my pick (for my situation).  The $29.95 for 500MB or $59.95 for 2GB, combined with the 10c/MB until you hit the cap, and the 10c/MB if you go over it, and the $29.95 double up are all NICE things about the plan, but for me the clincher is the superior coverage and speed.  I would say for those living in a metro area (ChCh/Welly/Akl or Queenstown) who don’t move around a lot for work, 2Degree could well be the best option – but you just have to know the kinda data usage you will use in a month before hand (ie do you buy the $6 packs of the $20 ones type thing).   I have to say Vodafone is a poor 3rd (for me), for lots of reasons, but the main one is I just don’t like them any more and their customer service sucks, and their plans have no advantages over the others (at least XT and 2Degrees each has advantages and wee extras).

Raw Data

Raw Data – all plans, assuming 30 day use it or lose it (not a correct assumption for 2Degrees)

XT 500MB XT 2GB XT 4GB Voda 250MB Voda 3GB 2Deg 50MB 2Deg 500MB 2Deg 2GB 2Deg 10GB
1 MB $0 $0 $0 $20 $50 $6 $20 $50 $150
10 $1 $1 $1 $20 $50 $6 $20 $50 $150
50 $5 $5 $5 $20 $50 $6 $20 $50 $150
100 $10 $10 $10 $20 $50 $12 $20 $50 $150
500 $30 $50 $50 $45 $50 $60 $20 $50 $150
750 $55 $60 $80 $70 $50 $90 $40 $50 $150
1000 MB $60 $60 $80 $95 $50 $120 $40 $50 $150
2000 $160 $60 $80 $195 $50 $240 $80 $50 $150
3000 $260 $70 $80 $295 $50 $360 $160 $100 $150
4000 $360 $90 $80 $395 $150 $480 $280 $100 $150
5000 $460 $190 $110 $495 $250 $600 $440 $150 $150
6000 $560 $290 $110 $595 $350 $720 $640 $150 $150
7000 $660 $390 $110 $695 $450 $840 $880 $200 $150
8000 $760 $490 $110 $795 $550 $960 $1,160 $200 $150
9000 $860 $590 $210 $895 $650 $1,080 $1,480 $250 $150
10000MB $960 $690 $310 $995 $750 $1,200 $1,440 $250 $150

RAW DATA – With Expiry Dates.  Assumes even use each month

MB XT 500MB PP XT 2GB PP Voda 250MB Voda 3GB 2D 500MB 2Deg 2GB 2Deg 10GB
100 $10 $10 $20 $50 $20 $50 $50
500 $30 $50 $70 $50 $20 $50 $50
1000 $60 $60 $95 $50 $40 $50 $50
2000 $160 $60 $195 $50 $80 $50 $50
3000 $260 $70 $295 $50 $160 $75 $50
5000 $460 $190 $495 $250 $600 $125 $75

Other useful related links

Black and White Version: Even more choice – it’s good!

PS: Let me know if I missed anything or messed up any of the graphs!  I will fix it :-)

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iPhone NZ Launch FAIL


I promised myself that I wouldn’t post on the iPhone, iPad or anything Apple related for a while.  Well OK, I didn’t PROMISE, I thought about it. Kinda like people think about giving up smoking, or walking the dog, and then the moment passes.

Anyway .. this one is just too big (and bad) to give up on.

Today Apple was SUPPOSED to launch the iPhone 4 in NZ. MAJOR FAIL.

Here’s a wee summary:

  • The one official iPhone carrier Vodafone (and note they have no exclusivity in NZ, they are just the only one) provided NO information prior to launch day.  Nothing, ZIP. 
  • On launch day, people have queued up outside retailers (we don’t have Apple shops, so this is people like MagnumMac and Vodafone) only to be told “go away, nothing to see here”
  • Vodafone are entirely quiet on their twitter account despite being inundated by questions.  They are staying ZIP (for now). 
  • XT (Telecom) the non official carrier, that most people actually prefer to run an iPhone on, have even chipped in – see the post on the right.  Glad to see someone has a scene of humour!
  • The Apple NZ web site for iPhone still has “notify me” not buy now as the option (see image on right) as of 1.30pm on launch day
  • Lots of rumours about why no stock – some blame Apple, some Vodafone who are controlling it all
  • 1pm UPDATE: Vodafone have NOW announced the iPhone 4 is on sale from 1pm (ie now), but only on contract.

My thoughts:


  • This is a mess for Vodafone NZ
  • However, this is NOT a Vodafone only issue.  They do NOT (IMHO) control stock in NZ.  They are the only authorised carrier, but it’s non exclusive.  Apple’s own web site says you can use it on any network you want
  • They have handled it VERY badly
  • You are pissing all the high end users off.  Just take a look at the online forums and iPhonenewzelanad to see that all the geek users (and I say that nicely) are all major XT fans already.  These geek users (my new term) influence others.  I know I do :-)


  • Gotta say, not impressed here either.  All that was needed was some basic info on your web site.  What was there was (and is) wrong.  Says avail from selected retailers – and all of them are saying “not us”.
  • Even Apple only released the price of ONE of the two iPhone 4 models prior to launch day.  As of today (launch day) we STILL don’t know the retail cost of the 32GB model.
  • What happened to your Premium Retailers?   MagnumMac should be your FIRST option to sell stuff, not Vodafone.  Vodafone are pissing off Apple customers.

Further rumours, and where to from here?

  • Apple will sell them form their web site from 7pm today UPDATE: It came online at 11pm, with a 3 week delay in delivery.
  • As much as people are saying this is bad (and it is), this won’t affect Apple sales ONE LITTLE BIT.  It just makes them look bad.  Very un-Apple like.
  • It WILL affect Vodafone.  It will further alienate them from the geek-users (see my comments above) and these people matter, even if they aren’t your customers
  • In the long term this will be a blip.  People will talk about it, but still buy the iPhone (or not buy the iPhone, but those people weren’t buying it anyway).

There is an EXCELLENT post on TUAW on the iPhone 4 launch fail in NZ.

Black and White Version: Major fail for Vodafone and Apple on iPhone Launch day in NZ, not that that will affect sales though.

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Data up to 1GB

iPad Data Plans Comparision – XT, Vodafone and 2 degrees


Follow this link:

THIS POST HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THIS ONE on iPAD data plans, as it factors in the new 2Degree plans, and also fixes an error in one table (Voda $20 should be 250MB not 500MB).

Recently I blogged about the various data plans for the iPad in NZ, and included a summary table with the costs, along with which were 3G etc.  I suggest you read this last post if you haven’t already, as this one is just about price.

Well I wanted to go one step further with the pricing side of things and show the various plans based on actual usage.

So here there are, two tables one showing lighter usage (up to 1GB) and one heavy usage (right up to 10GB).

My assumptions:

  • 1GB = 1000MB (not sure if this is how telcos in NZ charge or not to be honest, but I have been consistent with this, so it will make very little difference).
  • I have just put in the pre-pay plans, as that way it’s consistent and fair (and less lines!).
  • I am assuming Vodaphone do allow 10c/MB for over rates (their web site doesn’t say, not that I can find!)
  • No allowance is made for any difference in part charges or min charges per connection (no idea if this makes a lot of difference or not!)
  • The graph shows a straight line line between each data point, which is right EXCEPT for 2Degrees, where it SHOULD jump up $6 every 50MB and not a gradual progression as the graph shows.

Note: Click on any image for a larger view.

iPad Data Plans in NZ, up to 1G

iPad Data Plans in NZ, up to 10G

The cross over points are quite interesting, with lots happening in the  250MB – 1000MB space.  Also I note that up to 1GB there is not a lot in it (the Voda 500MB does have the edge if you use just 500MB though).  Personally I like any of the XT plans since they do the 10c/meg to start with and then capped at the monthly rate you select, plus the $29.95 double up option.  Pity Vodafone doesn’t offer the double up for $10, like they do on their other data plans.

Update 28th July 2010: What’s interesting (and I thought was a mistake at first) is that from 750MB right through to 3GB, the 2GB XT plan is cheaper than the 4GB. This is because the 4GB keeps charging at the 10c/MB until it hits the monthly cap of $79.95, where as the 2GB hits its cap of $59.95 earlier and stays there till 2GB and only passes it again between 3 and 4GB.  So unless you are a REAL heavy user, on XT the 2GB plan is better.    At anything more than around 3.5GB the only viable plans are on XT, with everything else getting prohibitively expensive.

For anyone interested here is the raw data

Other useful related links

Black and White Version: XT is faster, and cheaper in MOST cases for the iPad in NZ {and just faster for the others :-) }

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XT vs Vodafone on iPad


I have blogged about how XT is way faster than Vodafone on several occasions.   This particularity applies in areas outside of the major metro areas (since Vodafone drops to 2G there for the iPad, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs).

Anyway, someone has done a nice wee video test of it and put it on YouTube.

I think the better part of each test is the real word usage with an App.  The speed test is useful to show how much difference there is, but at the end of the day we use Apps in everyday life, not downloading 1meg test files :-)

Black and White Version: As we knew, XT rocks on the iPad.

HatTip: KiwiBlog

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NZ map

iPad – XT, Vodafone and 2Degrees comparision


Well the iPad is out in NZ now (although the Apple NZ site still shows Notify Me at the top right for where the Order Now button should be as spotted 1st by Lance Wiggs).  Anyway, in addition to this meaning that I now won’t get swamped by people when I pull the iPad out in public, it does mean many of the NZ telcos have also released micro sims and also iPad data plans.  So here’s the round up.

iPad summary for New Zealand across telcos

For each item, any clear winner is marked in green, with any clear last place network marked in red (blue is for hyperlinks, so ignore that colour!)


XT (Telecom)


3G network

Next week

(only have coverage in 50% of NZ)

Coverage Map

Yes, full

Coverage Map

Yes, but not 3G in all of NZ for the iPad1

Coverage Map

Micro Sims

Available now Available now Available now

Data Plans


$6 for 50MB2

2Degrees iPad Data plans here

500MB – $29.95 (1GB is $59.90)

2GB – $59.95 (4GB is $89.90)

4GB – $79.95 (8GB is $109.90)

XT Pre-Pay Data Plans here See note 3

250MB – $20

3GB – $50

Vodafone iPad Data Plans here See note 4

Data Plans


Not yet available

500MB – $29.95

2GB – $49.95/$59.95

4GB – $69.95/79.95

XT Contract Data Plans here See note 5

No idea.  Some other voda plans MAY work, but remember some plans are “add ons” only (meaning is has to be added onto an existing Phone Plan, no a stand alone data plan.

Price of Micro Sim

Free to swap, or $20 with $20 credit.

Prepaid $29.95 / Postpaid $19.95 (free on open term 500MB plan)

Free according to the web site (but $6.95 postage)

Data charges special conditions

30 Days Expiry on pre-pay

Charges full amount each month when used at all.

PREPAY: 30 Day expiry for pre-pay.  Offers special 10c/MB until hit cap, and also $29.95 in a month to double data

CONTRACT: Can do the “double up” for $29.95 (see note 5)

30 Days Expiry on Pre-Pay

Charges full amount each month when used at all.

  1. See this post for why XT is full 3G for the iPad (and iPhone 3Gs/3G) where as Vodafone is not.  Or check for yourself by comparing coverage on XT with coverage on Vodafone and coverage on 2Degrees or this speed test between XT and Voda on an iPad in NZ
  2. 2Degrees data all expires 30 days after purchase.  50c/MB over 50MB.
  3. XT pre-pay charges 10c per MB capped at rate you set (e.g. if on 2GB then capped at $59.95)  Then for a further $29.95 your data doubles (so 2GB goes to 4) and then its 10c/MB after that.  These “double up” rates are show in brackets in the table above.  All XT rates are the same as other mobile devices.  A reminder some plans on XT are add ons only, meaning they can only be added onto an existing phone plan (i.e. not for data only devices like the iPad)
  4. For Vodafone, these are special iPad only plans.  In theory one might be able to use any of Vodafone’s data plans, but their web site implies that these are the only plans avail, so I am listing these only.  Remember, like XT, some plans are add ons only, meaning they can only be added onto an existing phone plan (i.e. not for data only devices like the iPad)
  5. XT rates for 2GB and 4GB contract are reduced by $10 if Home/Business broadband plan.  The table above shows this.  Also they offer the same “$29.95 for to double data for the month” as they do with Pre-Pay.

My recommendations on plans (updated 26th July 2010)

For light users:

  • The 29.95 XT pre-pay plan is best.
  • If you only use 20MB, that’s 10cx20 = $2, if you use 100MB, that’s $10, and so on up to 295MB (anything between 295MB and 500MB is $29.95).

For heavy users:

  • The XT 2GB plan (on pre-pay or contract, whatever is easier for you).   The double up to 4GB for a further $29.95 makes this plan very flexible (and good value).     Same apples to the 4GB plan – but I would be hard pressed to use 4GB, let alone 8GB, on an iPad.
  • If you insist on Vodafone and are only in the major metros most of the time, their 3GB for $50 plan is quite good, but know that Vodafone does NOT have a 3G network in all of NZ, and that even where it does XT is heaps faster most of the time.

UPDATE 27th July 2010:

Check out my new iPad pricing graphs for data here – it shows all the cross over points right up to 10GB or all pre-pay plans.

Other useful related links

Black and White Version: XT is still the way to go for the iPad (better coverage, and better conditions on plans) but at least there is a choice of three carriers now.

Update 26th July 2010: Made some corrections in line comments below – thanks Reuben! Removed some XT casual plans, and updated notes on XT and Voda.

Updated 29th July 2010: Updated 2Degrees info on micro-sim availability and pricing.

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