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It looks like are at it again with misleading retail prices.

I have blogged about FirstIn’s inflated prices before here, and also their misleading specs on products here. And yep they are at it again!

Today I see they have an 2nd hand (they say refurbished – but by who?) MacBook Pro for $1599 that they say saves $300. (In case the page disappears I have pasted a screen shot below).

Well I did a comparison with the only site I know always sells refurbished Apple gear – Apple NZ.  And I find their STANDARD price on this unit is $1527 (again image shown in case this link dies).  Now I will explain that the Apple product is a 2.4GHz processor, where as the FirstIn is 2.53, but Apple also have the 2.66GHz model, with a larger (320GB) hard drive for only $1699.  So that’s $200 LESS than the supposed standard price FirstIn claim, for a BETTER unit.  Take a look for yourself – Apple sell heaps of refurbished stuff all the time. So where is the $300 saving?  What’s this based on?   In fact it’s $72 MORE than Apple, plus Apple do free shipping, so that’s (up to) another $10 saved, depending on where in NZ you are.

It took me 30 seconds to find this price, so FirstIn cant claim they didn’t know.  This what they do for a living (sell stuff online), and they REPEATEDLY inflate their so called RRP to show larger discounts than are really there.  In this case they are actually charging MORE than a comparable unit. I would MUCH prefer to by direct from Apple – I trust them when they say its refurbished, and I also trust Apple’s pricing (coz they don’t mess with it, and they rarely discount). It goes without saying I don’t trust FirstIn.

Black and White Version: continue to be misleading on their pricing/discounts.  I don’t trust them.

PS: Click on either image below for a larger view.  Both images copied from their respective web sites at 1.15pm on 12 July 2011.

Click on image for full view

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Click on image for larger version price rip off (again!)


I recently blogged about and their inflated ERP (which I can only guess is Estimated Retail Price).  Before that I did the same thing on why pay pricing.

This time I have 100% proof they inflate their prices.   In my 1st post I found a refurbished iMac for sale that, by comparison with the official Apple store pricing, has an inflated ERP.  Since that example wasn’t an exact match (i.e. the Apple offer was better, but cost a tad more), it wasn’t 100% cut and dry case.   But this one is – got ya Firstin!  This time it’s an open and closed case.  Guilty as charged!

Today the advertise a 20″ iMac for $1799, claiming an ERP of $1999.

Well that’s bullshit. Apple’s own web site in NZ has a 21.5″ (so a bigger screen and a whole generation ahead of this model) for only $1699.  So not only is the ERP inflated, but for $100 less than the supposed special you can get a better computer (on every level) from Apple directly.  And if there is one sure way to measure ERP, it would be against Apple’s web site (as they don’t discount much).

Detailed summary of differences between’s offer and Apple. Winner
ERP $1999 $1699 Apple
Actual price: $1799 $1699 Apple
Screen Size


1680 x 1050 resolution


1920 by 1080 resolution

Graphics Card

ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT

128 MB

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M


Memory 2 GB 4 GB Apple
Hard Drive 320 GB 500 GB Apple
Processor 2.66 GHz 3.06GHz Apple
Keyboard Mouse Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse (both wired)
Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse Apple
OS 10.5 10.6 Apple
Shipping $15-$25 Free Apple
Warranty 1 year return to base (FirstIn) 1 year return to base (Apple) Need I say?

There are lots of great price comparison sites around like PriceSpy, and even Google is a good resource if you know how to use search engines properly.  Never trust a claimed ERP/RRP from these kind of sites without checking another source first.

Black and White Version: Be be very wary of any ERP/RRP/Savings claimed from web sites.  Do your homework 1st.

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