I’ll cut to the chase: We all know by now that Apple have have made an announcement about the iPhone 4 reception/antenna  issues, and here’s what I think in three brief points:

  1. The video shown at the start of the Apple’s PR exercise (or at the end of this post) pretty much sums it up, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. The same applies to the iPad, if it’s not what you think a portable device should be, or just you don’t like/want it, then don’t buy it.
  2. I am in the category I don’t really think it’s a major issue for ME*, so will probably get an iPhone 4
  3. HOWEVER, I do think there is more to the story than Apple / Steve Jobs is saying, because what is most telling in the facts they quote is what they DON’T SAY and what specific measures they do use.  I’ll expand on this some more:

* I say for ME, coz it might be an issue for you, so if it is: Don’t buy one :-)

I want to expand on that third point, because I think Apple selectively choose certain statistics to suit them, and I think it’s rather obvious when you discuss what they COULD have disclosed to make it far more transparent and relevant.  This is actually one of the few blog posts where it’s not just me ranting.  Well I AM ranting, but I happen to have a level of expertise in this area.  One of my degrees is in statistics, and if there is one thing I have did learn is that you can make statistics say (almost) anything you want, especially when you comment on RAW DATA, rather than actual useful data with comparisons, baselines and standards.  There, so I actually know what I am taking about here (and that’s rare!)


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