The New Zealand media really don’t get it about the drinking age in NZ – there isn’t one!  There is only a purchase age.

The headline today in the NZ Herald Big majority for drinking age of 20 shows me they only care about headlines, since the entire article contradicts this headline.

The first paragraph says:

An overwhelming majority of people support raising the legal purchase age for alcohol to 20

It goes on to explain the question asked:

When asked by the pollsters to choose between three options for the minimum age to buy alcohol,…

The Herald even have a pool asking the wrong question Should the Drinking Age be raised (my answer would be: Shouldn’t we start by HAVING a drinking age, coz we dont have one!)

So it’s clear the person writing the story KNEW that it was a question about purchase age, but but just decided to make up a misleading headline about drinking age anyway (either that or he’s lazy, or stupid, or possibly all three).

Black and White Version: Headlines in newspapers are sensationalist WAY to often.  Being factually wrong is the worst kind.

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