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Mobile Termination Rates Will be Regulated in New Zealand


YES!  Finally. WOOWHOO!

After all the attempts by the big two (Vodafone and Telecom) to stop this, it’s gonna now happen.  And this is GOOD for any mobile user in NZ.  It will also help 2Degrees to grow and be a more effective 3rd player.  The reason this is so important to 2Degrees is that 95%+ of mobile users are on Voda or Telecom connections they can’t drop their rates too much because of the high Mobile Termination Rate (the amount Telcos pay each other to interconnect). Anyway .. this will help this big time and enable 2Degrees to lower its rates further and further drive down prices!

The Telecommunications Minister, Stephen Joyce, has announced Mobile Termination Rates will be regulated:

Mr Joyce says he considers that accepting the Commission’s recommendation meets this test and in this case will lead to lower mobile termination rates and more competitive mobile pricing plans for consumers.

“Following today’s decision I look forward to New Zealand mobile users enjoying more competition between operators and better prices.”

The next step is to add mobile termination access services to schedule 1 of the Telecommunications Act by regulation. The Commerce Commission will then go through a process to set prices and other terms which mobile carriers must offer. This process will likely take a few months.

And who do we have to thank?  Well the boys at droptherate for an excellent campaign AND of course a big thanks to Vodafone, for their own goal (yep they sure screwed up).   Sucks to be you eh Vodafone? <grin>

Black and White Version: Well done on regulating mobile termination rates Mr Joyce!

HatTip: Kiwiblog

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iPad in New Zealand – release date, pricing and full review


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The iPad release date for NZ has been announced – 23rd July 2010

This makes it one week before the iPhone 4 (being 31st July 2010).

It also makes it consistent with the “July” earlier commitment by Apple.


The Apple NZ web site has the iPad listed for “from $799″ (so that’s the 16GB Wi-Fi model price) and word on the street is pricing for the others is:









Price Comparisons

This stacks up OK on the international comparisons, since OZ (Australia) has the 16GB Wi-Fi model for $AU 629 = $NZ 770 (but around $785 if we make adjust GST to the same rate), so about the same.  In the UK the iPad 16GB WiFi is £429, so NZ$ 900+ (even when you factor in for the higher VAT).  So all round a good deal (mind you, UK prices are known to be higher than most).

This does however make some of the early sellers look like a rip off now – which I blogged about earlier (they sold the 64GB 3G for around $500 more than retail), and even the 16GB W-iFi model is $400 more – a  50% loading!)

Btw, here are  my predictions on the iPhone 4 pricing in NZ, you can see from my iPad predictions were right on (I predicted $1300-1400 for the 64GB 3G, and $1349 is right in the middle!).

iPad Review for New Zealand

Here is a full review of the iPad in New Zealand , I have had one for a month now, and it’s great.   Advice: in most cases get the 3G model, unless you are gonna be stuck at home/office most of the time (kinda a waste of something so portable!).

Black and White Version: iPad date confirmed for New Zealand, 23rd July 2010 (one week before the iPhone 4).  Pricing fair.

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