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New Product: Priest Repellent


An oldie, but a goodie – Priest Off.

Black and White Version: This is funny (and kinda true in a sad way).

Hat-tip: Kiwiblog.

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Catholic Church not only in denial – now diverting blame.


I have some advice for the Catholic Church (and the Pope).

I have blogged before about the Catholic Church, and in particular the Pope’s out of touch with his (extreme) views on things.

More recently the church/pope has got itself in more trouble by:

1) Denying the issue

2) Side stepping addressing the issues of the past (call it a smear campaign)

3) Lashing out at everyone BUT themselves to blame (here the Catholic Church blames Jews!)

Here is an excellent summary of how the Pope has misjudged the public’s view on sex abuse on

But they have really done it now by claiming that the issue is that priests are closet homosexuals, and linking paedophilia to being gay.  Not only is this a sad day for the church, but its rather 80′s isnt it?  I mean the paedophilia/gay link thing is SOOOOO yesterday (and so de-bunked too!).  The study referred to here even shows in the US (which lets face it is pretty conservative) only 15% of the population believe there is any link between gay and paedophilia (we can call these people “rednecks” if it helps make it simpler).

You know the saying, once a Catholic, always a Catholic, so I can say as a Catholic that the church does NOT represent my views.  More importantly I have some advice for the Catholic Church:

  1. Come clean on historic abuse issues.  Be upfront, say you did wrong where you did.  Admit not only abuse, but more importantly of later times, admit the cover ups.
  2. Have an INDEPENDENT review of the Pope’s involvement in any (alleged) cover up.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t cover anything up, so let’s be transparent about this, and review it.
  3. The review above MUST be open, and the findings published without editing from the church.  The whole idea is we don’t want a further cover up of any cover up.  Just come clean!  (see point one).  The church can then respond to the report, but only so much as to publicise what they are going to do to FIX anything, not further denial or excuses.
  4. Finally – and this is very important – put it right!  Deal with the consequences of what was done, and the cover ups and THEN and only then can both the church, and more importantly the victims move on.  If that means the Pope stands down, so be it, if that means they allow Priests to marry, so be it.  I don’t really care what the solution is, as long as the church makes GENUINE attempts to resolve the issues, rather than their current approach of denial and blaming others.

I think that does it for now. Do that and report back. No, NOW, do it, no stalling. (I am talking to the Catholic Church and the Pope here, others can just look away for now).

Mind you, this isn’t new.  The Church has done this for hundreds of years. Martin Luther (the 15/16th century one, without the ‘King’ on the end) had it right – the Church just does what’s good for them and if you want to be correct on this, the BIBLE and not the POPE is the authority here.  (Mind you the old testament says some pretty weird stuff – like encouraging sex with your brothers wife (Genesis 38:8-10) and who could forget Deuteronomy 23:1 that says No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord. Yeah the bible is pretty weird too!)

Black and White Version: The Catholic church is proving it’s losing the battle by lashing out at everyone, rather than dealing with the issue of cover ups and sexual abuse.

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Pope out of touch (again!)


The Pope has made even more statements recently showing how out of touch he is with reality.  In criticising Britain’s decision to reform its human rights and equality legislation, in particular believing that saying employers should be allowed to discriminate against homosexuals, staying:

Your country is well known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society. Yet, as you have rightly pointed out, the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs.

Let’s see how that sounds if we turn that around shall we?   Should someone who believes that Catholics (or even Christians in general) are not God’s chosen people be able to discriminate on the basis of their beliefs (ie not hire Christians)?   The Pope has it wrong here. This isn’t about reducing any religious freedom – that’s a protected right (in fact one of those protected by the same legislation!) but this is about saying if you want to participate in society we ALL play by the same rules, and regardless of our individual beliefs we agree that one can not discriminate on the grounds of religious belief, sexuality, gender, age, etc.  The pope would be the first to condemn legislation that allowed Christians to be discriminated against – so he’s also a hypocrite!

Besides, even if one accepts that somehow being gay is in anyway bad (and I far from accept that), so what?  Does this mean that anyone that sins can not be employed by Catholics?  So if someone had pre-marital sex, will they be excluded?  What if they didn’t pay a parking fine? What if they didn’t go to church last Sunday?  Where does it stop?  I do remember a certain guy 2000 or so years ago saying something about this.

To me this is about a Pope (and a church) out of touch with the people, making up rules that are inconsistent with God’s wishes (if one believes in the God the Catholic church says exists, I am 100% sure he wouldn’t agree with what they say or do a lot of the time).

Black and White Version: The Pope is out of touch, and hypocritical.

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Avatar movie is racist, sexist, anti-religion, and generally bad (so I am told)


The NZ Herald reports today that the Vatican made comment on the Avatar movie (apparently they didn’t like it).  Wow!  The Vatican commented on a MOVIE!

The article also makes mention to claims of racism, and that “conservative” bloggers don’t like the “anti-militaristic” message.

Ummmm .. well all I have to say is  (coz I haven’t seen the movie, but I intend to), well … IT’S a MOVIE!  Get a life. SHEEEZ!

Btw, all of the above comments make me want to see the movie MORE.

Black and White Version: Read above.  It’s a movie.  Get out more :-)

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