Today Hosing Minster Phil Heatley announced his resignation, which was accepted by the PM John Key.

This is in sharp contrast to how the last PM acted when confronted with questionable behaviour from a Minister (which was later found out to be illegal, and meant that the first Government Minister in NZ’s history was convicted of a crime relating to their office.

I actually feel sorry for Phil, as it appears to be relatively light mistakes (and I call them mistakes as opposed to wilful lying).  But I also agree Minister need to be held to a higher accountability than the rest of us, so the right call ultimately.  I think John Key has shown excellent leadership here.  I just hope the media get the story right here.  I view the resignation as positive – showing integrity.  Yes, he was a bit naughty, but he accepted that and resigned.  In the past all we had was cover ups, even though the behaviour was MUCH worse.

Black and White Version: Good to see some integrity back into politics. 

Hat tip: Kiwiblog

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