I recently downloaded a free iPhone app Consume.

I have to say – it rocks!

It allows you to get real time updates on any mobile account, broadband account, and even track couriers in any one of 18 countries (with over 200 providers)

I added my Vodafone OZ pre-pay iPad sim, my Virgin OZ pre-pay mobile sim, my NZ Slingshot home broadband, my US T-mobile pre-pay sim all in around 20 seconds each.  The only two I have issues with are Vodafone and Teleocm in NZ.  The later because I can’t access ANY online data about usage since my connection is thru Gen-i and (for now), there is no way of checking usage online for any Geni-i accounts.  Vodafone NZ wont work for me, but I have no idea why.

Example of what the app shows:

Anyway .. it’s works very well, giving things like “MB/day” left for any broadband plan with a cap, and will even tell you if you are tracking to go over your data cap when its part way through the month.  For pre-pay it will show $, and also any free things left (like 2-Degrees free texts).   Given that it’s free I have to say – get it and try it!

Their web site reports that an iPad version of Consume is coming – and the images look great already!  You can also read another (positive) review of Consume here

Update 30th August 2010: It gets better – this app even does things like Flybuys and OneCard (for non kiwis these are both loyalty programmes in NZ) and even does tracking of Apple orders.   As James pointed out, it does Airline Frequent Flyer programmes too!

Update 11th Sept 2010: I got Vodafone working finally.  Appears Voda had something wrong at their end.  So now the only one not working is XT (any of my sims) since I am with Gen-i.  Might swap a sim to a simple pre-pay and see if it works.

Black and White Version: Consume for iPhone rocks!  Get it.

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