I posted a while back that the iPad had a few issues with using WiFi in Koru Lounges (AirNZ lounges at airports).

I initially thought it was due to the early WiFi issues that iPads were having, since all my other devices worked.

Anyway, thanks to a blog comment - I found the fix – go to Settings, select Safari (about the 6th – 10th item down on the left, depending on if you have a 3G model or not) and then on the right hand side, select Auto Fill and turn the Names and Passwords off.  This means you will have to manually type in the password each time you connect in Koru (remember you can turn Auto Fill back on when you leave), but since AIrNZ uses the same password for a full month across all lounges, and uses a plain English word rather than silly i7O80Tkgh (you know, where its hard to see what’s a zero and an O, or a one or a lower case L).  Anyway .. it works!

Black and White Version: iPads work fine in Koru Lounge WiFi, just turn off Auto Fill in Safari settings.

Hat-tip: Thanks to blog commenter Young

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