Anyone who knows me, and probably a whole bunch who don’t, but just see my FaceBook updates of my travels, will know that I travel quite a bit for work.  Most weeks I am on between 2 and 4 flights (so that’s 1 or 2 return flights) a week to cities in New Zealand.  I also take around 2 major international trips a year (major meaning US, Asia, Europe type thing), and a handful to OZ.

Travel is a mixture of work and pleasure (I sometimes go on holiday overseas – but often it’s in NZ), and work travel is a mixture of travel for three different organisations.  I think my “record” was 11 flights in one week (including two international ones).  I think that was a busy week! :-)

Anyway, since I travel so much I wanted to share a bunch of thoughts on airlines in NZ – the good, the bad, the handy, and even a few tips.  This is part one of a series of three posts on this topic, with this one focusing on domestic travel.  Here goes … (more…)

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