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Apple iPad – Solid B+ for apple (but 4 our of 10 for my predictions)


Today apple launched their worst kept secret – the iPad.

Back in November 2009 I predicted it would come out in late 09 (wrong) and earlier this month I predicted it would be Mac OS based (wrong again).  But I correctly predicted it would do (only) 3-4 things well, including a new e-book reader.   I also got the dates of availability right.  I got a bunch of others right (or close) like 10″ (not 7) etc.   So I get 4/10 for my prediction skills here (coz the major stuff was out so much).

Anyway, my first reaction is that it’s look pretty cool.  Clearly the user interface is gonna rock, and its interesting that they have pitched it as “better than a laptop” for many of its uses.  The 10 hour battery life will be handy (hopefully using Wi-Fi or 3G doesn’t alter that too drastically).  It gets a solid B+ for now, because I am still not 100% sure how how much “wow” there is in this box.  Still cool though.

Pricing is pretty good (well I think so).  US prices of $449 (for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, up to $829 for the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G model) seam about right).  3G adds $US 130 to the price, and going from 16 to 32 or 32 to 64GB ads $US 100 for each step.    Pricing is simple.  I like that. I do however expect that it will be cheaper in the US that in NZ (especially if the NZ exchange rate stays around the 70c US mark), so expect pricing in NZ to be just under $1000 for the base model ($US 499) up to $1495 for the 64GB Wi-Fi 3G).  Call that a predication if you like.

Interestingly enough, as would be expected Apple’s US web site has the iPad front and centre, as the main image on the front page.  Apple’s NZ site has nothing (as of 11am Monday 27th Jan 2010).  And this can’t be because they are not for sale in NZ yet, because they aren’t for sale ANYWHERE yet (this will happen in 60 days for the Wi-Fi only model, and 90 for the Wi-Fi / 3G).

Black and white version: I like it, I will get one (is there anything more to say?) I will review it again once I get it.

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Apple Tablet (iSlate anyone?)


The apple tablet is all but confirmed now.  For a quick recap of rumors up until now, visit this site.

I was wrong when I predicted it would be announced in 2009 and not 2010.

But …. here is my predictions from here about it from here:

  1. Like the iPhone, it won’t be revolutionary in any ONE thing, but the way we interact with it will take current technology and make it just “work” (aka how iPhone does sms text messages – seams so obvious to have a chat log thread).
  2. It will do three (maybe four) things quite well, but not as much as we might think.
  3. It will be a e-book reader (but think more than just “e-books” think any electronic documents)
  4. On the Operating System (OS) front, I still think it will be closer to OSX than it will be to the iPhone OS.
  5. It will have a sim slot for data connection, and of course wi-fi (n)
  6. It will play videos well.  It will have something new here.
  7. It will be 10″.  They may have a smaller 7″ version as well (maybe)
  8. It will be around $US 600 (but as usual be more expensive overseas, so in NZ expect around $NZ 1000 = $US 700/750)
  9. It will be announced in late Jan 2010, and made avail for sale March/April 2010.
  10. Oh, and I will probably get one :-)

Black and White Version: The Apple tablet will be less about WHAT it does, and more about HOW we interact with it.

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