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Is shopping in New Zealand a rip off?


Yesterday the NZ Herald made an interesting story on how Jeans in NZ were almost double the identical pair in the US.  The asked the question is shopping in NZ a rip off?

They pointed out:

A pair of black Levi’s 501s for men cost up to $139.90 here but you can pick up the same pair in the United States for just $75.11.

Some of the explanations proposed by Shamubeel Eaqub, principal economist for the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, were:


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AirNZ – internet and text on a plane!


Air New Zealand have done it again. Innovative and adaptive, and are offering internet and text services on long haul flights on their new Boeing 777 planes arriving in November.

Thank god there are a few restrictions:

They are not allowing voice calls however.


Passengers will also be requested to keep their phones on ‘silent’ mode.

PHEW! hope they police that silent rule!  As someone has already threatened on via FaceBook

I hope someone who’s willing to pay the expensive price isn’t sitting next to me while I’m trying to sleep. Otherwise their phone may be grabbed & thrown down the toilet if it keeps beeping or vibrating while I’m trying to sleep. Is 12 hours really so long to be out of contact??? Enjoy the piece and quite for pete’s sake!

I think the key here will be to make sure policing the rules is tight and that this is explained well to all (especially those that don’t use it, so their are no flights).

AirNZ are actual VERY innovative in the Airline space, and win a bunch of awards, not the least of which being the 2010 Airline of the Year. Here is some of the cooler stuff I think they have done:

Anyway, this is not for everyone and at $40 a meg, not everyone will even be able to afford it, BUT and here is the kicker, at least now we have choice. And 80c for a text isn’t too bad – about what you pay for in many countries while roaming.

Black and White Version: Choice is good, AirNZ is innovative (again), and now I can post blogs while in a plane (but I probably wont!)

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