Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Anyone who works in the exercise industry knows how frustrating it is to watch infomercials about exercise equipment on TV, as they (almost) all have so many over the top claims and are based on faulty (or no) science and some are what I would call a scam.

There are so many things these ads do wrong, but the key things they do are:

  • inflated claims
  • replying on small print (“results may vary” or “in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet)
  • the myth of spot reduction (i.e. doing abs exercises means you lose weight off your abs).  It doesn’t work that way – EVER!
  • I will stop there coz my list is gonna get long REAL quick.  Best I pass this to an expert …..

Anyway .. here is proof for one of the worst offenders, the AbCirclePro. A college of mine William Sukala undertook a comprehensive review of this machine, along with a peer review of his work.  The infomercial itself is in the YouTube video below.

Update July 2011: There is now a 2.0 version of the AbCirclePro.  It’s still crap, but if you want to read about it see this post on the Ab Circle Pro 2.0 scam.

Black and White Version: AbCirclePro is basically a product based scam.  Be warned.

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