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Visa on Arrival in India for New Zealanders – DON’T DO IT!


Ok .. a quick post which will be of interest to only a very limited audience, but I think VERY useful for those that it’s relevant to.

In a nutshell, almost all visitors to India need a visa.  Unlike many Western countries that have visa waver programs in place with NZ, India requires a visa to be obtained in 99% of cases, prior to your arrival in India.  This means filling out a form, sending it in to the nearest Indian embassy, with your passport, and the $60 US equivalent and then waiting a few weeks for it to be sent back.

Luckily (or so I thought) New Zealander’s get a special exemption, being one of five countries that are allowed to obtain Visa on Arrival.  Cool I thought – I will just do that.

Ummm, no, not quite.  In a nutshell: DON’T DO IT and here’s why:

  • It may be a visa on arrival, but its not an INSTANT via on arrival.  It took 3 hours (and this was at 2am when only one other person was applying)
  • Its quite a new thing from what I can tell.  Signs are so limited at Immigration, and few staff know about it in India, so you end up queuing 3 times before you even get to the right place
  • You still need two colour photos, proof of address etc, all the things you need for a normal visa – so all you are doing is putting off what you COULD have done prior to arrival, but are now doing them when you arrive – and anyone who has been to India will know they work at their own pace.
  • Most visas are more of an admin thing – but this is a full on interview (by 3 diff people), and then 5 diff staff filling our forms (by hand) while you wait .. and wait.
  • Did I mention it takes ages?

So yes, it works, but no, don’t do it. Be organised and apply for a visa to India before you go. (full info on Indian visas on this page) The only exception would be if you want to pop over to India on short notice – I guess it’s handy being a Kiwi then!

Black and White Version: Visa on Arrival for Kiwis entering India does work, but is so slow you are FAR better off applying for a visa the normal way.

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It’s been a while .. and here’s why


Hi Honey, I’m home!

It’s been a while since I have posted here, since I have been a wee tour of the world.  Well not quite the whole world, a holiday through 4 countries: Canada, Germany, India and Bangkok Thailand (thanks Glen – Bangkok isn’t a country!).   The emphasis was on Canada and India time wise.

But while I haven’t been blogging (I prefer to holiday first and blog after the fact), I have a whole range of post ideas coming up, including:

  • Why Kiwis should NOT get the so called “Visa on Arrival” in India (Now posted)
  • The black and white travel low-down for India
  • The black and white travel low-down for Canada
  • The black and white travel low down on how to bargain in places like China, India and Thailand (although they all do differ)
  • Why I think coffee is crap in certain countries
  • A review of Thai airways (completed – found here)
  • An update on Lufthansa (and it’s way better than it used to be!)
  • Why taxi drivers in Bangkok are so annoying (a bitch post)

Oh, one more post will follow too – the updated review of the Golf-R, since I get mine in 2 days! (only a 6 month delay!).  So I might be doing a wee test drive – for the whole weekend :-)   Update: Updated owner’s review of the Golf-R here.

Black and White Version: I have been away, but back.  Posts to follow.

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