I have done a couple of blog posts on Grindr, the iPhone app that has been euphemistically described as Dating for Gays (I say hook ups, but that’s just me).  I find it amusing that Israeli publication Haaretz has the headline New iPhone application lets gay Israelis look for love while on the move. Love?  Hmmm, call me cynical (or maybe just call me realistic) but I don’t think it’s love anyone will find (nor are they looking for it if they are using Grindr).

I number of people have asked me how to get things like smiley faces (or Emoji) in the profile name and/or profile text.  Well the answer is easy: Install Emoji (as explained in this post) and then you have them to type in just like you would any character.

While I on the subject here are some protocol tips for using Grindr: (more…)

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