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The unwritten rules for Hug a Gay Day


My initial post on Hug a Gay Day has created some discussion within the internet-ether.  Well OK, someone commented on someone’s FaceBook about it, and someone else linked to it from a gay forum, but the first description sounded a lot more impressive didn’t it?

Anyway, what’s become clear to me is a couple of things:

  1. Hardly anyone knew about the day.  Let’s call this Lack of Brand Awareness.
  2. There appears to be quite a lot of misunderstanding on the protocols, rules and general “dos and don’ts” of the day.  After all no one seams to have written any guidelines for it.  Let’s call this Who hugs who and how.

So … that’s where I come in.  Consider this the definitive list of protocols, rules and guidelines for how hug a gay day works.  While this mainly focuses on the 2nd issue (the who hugs who bit), I figure any discussion about the day is good and should help with the first issue (lack of brand awareness).   Anyway, I have broken this into three sections. (more…)

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New Zealand Wine – my top pics


I just made a huge post about exercise and eating well.  Life is all about balance so here’s my wine post.

Let’s cut to the chase: I like wine.  I like New Zealand wine. I also like drinking good wine, but not paying top dollar for it.

So, here are my top pics for NZ wine, taking into account price (so best value), along my take on overall quality irrespective of price.

Price has the normal price range one can find it for sale (the lower number being less common) along with the recommended retail price (RRP) in New Zealand (based on memory).

A full table listed below.  Click on the wine name for tasting notes etc from the winemaker, or on the wine type to see more about that grape/wine style.


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