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Tech companies – the round up


Another straight to the point, black and white post here.

My views on the current, and future prospects, of various tech companies.

Short Term Medium/Long Term (3-5 years)
Apple Excellent Excellent
Google Excellent Excellent
Microsoft Good Poor.
Nokia Average Poor
Rim (aka Blackberry) Good Poor Average
IBM Good Excellent Very Good
FaceBoook Good Good – Very Good
Twitter Average ??

I’ll give just brief further comments on the mobile device space:

  • I think Google’s OS (Android) will be the biggest by far in 5 years (sooner), with over 50% market share,
  • Apple will be the most profitable by far, and maintain the position as the biggest selling single phone of any supplier.
  • Microsoft and Nokia combined will have less market share in this space than Apple or Linux presently do in the PC space (less than 10% combined) – they are dead long term in this market.
  • Rim (blackberry) will maintain their market share for now (give or take a few %), but long term they will be a niche player.

I also think Microsoft will go after (ie battle) Google more than it will Apple.  It’s lost the war with Apple (or more to the point, they aren’t on the same battle field).  Microsoft have two main resources – CASH, and their huge user base.  Let’s see if they can do anything with that.  There is hope for Microsoft, because unlike Rim and Nokia, they have FAR wider base of products than just the mobile device space.  But that would involve a whole change for the company – and actually get innovative again.

Black and White Version: Many current market leaders (aka Google and Apple) will continue to be strong.  Others, like Microsoft are long term dead-ducks.

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Voicemail on XT with iPhone 4


For some reason this blog keeps coming up as a result for the search terms like iphone voicemail setup xt and such like.  In fact when I went to search for an image for this post using XT Voicemail Image in I found my site as #1 and #2!

Problem is I don’t have a whole lot of info on it – other than the # to dial for XT voice mail is 083210 and this post on XT Voicemail issues on the iPhone 4, which is now out of date, but has some useful links that are still relevant.

So here is my fix.

For those that have issues working with XT (Telecom) Voice mail on an iPhone check the following:

  • You should have a version 3 sim card from XT – if not swap it (free) at your local Telecom retailer
  • It should now work
  • If it doesn’t, go into your phone (as you would do dial a #) and press *5005*86*083210#
  • That’s it, your voice mail button should now work
  • Remember the fail safe is to dial 083210 (always works).

Black and White Version: Telecom XT Voice mail on iPhone 4 explained.

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Advertising (to Google or not to Google).


I've decided to test some Google Ads on this site.

I did this for a couple of reasons, but getting money wasn’t actually one of them.

I am of two minds whether advertising actually enhances the look of a blog or detracts from it.  I personally think a small amount CAN enhance it if done the right way.  I would be interested to hear what others think though, so share your thoughts!

For this blog, I have added a small ad on the right hand col, a banner ad in the footer, and an add every 5 comments (only shows if you are viewing the comments).  Too much?  Too little?

Based on my calculations I should only have to wait 429 years for my 1st $10 cheque from Google.  (Actually I have no idea how long it will take, it’s not amount the money, so I haven’t even worked it out).

I’m also contemplating having one or two non Google ads on the site, permanent ads for companies/products,  But I would CHOOSE those, so they are kinda “I like these .. ” as opposed to “Google says these are OK”.  I think most people get that ads are not endorsed by the site they are on, but maybe blogs are different.  Again comments most welcome!

I can say setting up a Google AdSense account was easy peasy (as most things with Google are).

As an aside, I remember I used to get excited when 10 people read my blog in one day.  And to reach that I had to have made a post (on non post days I often got no, or one hit).  Now I get 100/day even when I don’t post new stuff.  In fact the other day hit 400 on a day I didn’t post anything new.  Hopefully I will look back on these numbers in time like I do now at the “10 a day” thing and smile.  In the meantime I go Woowhooo! when I hit 100 in a day (I told you it would be a while till I got my $10!)

Black and White Version: Ads or no ads?

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Golf-R Search1

ISPs in NZ filtering Google Search Results?


Something strange happened today.  A mate of mine told me one of my blog posts rated at the top of Google’s search list (it was for Telecom Micro Sim, click on the link to see).  WOOWHOO! I thought. I mean, ‘thanks for letting me know’ I said.

Anyway, I mentioned that I often got quite high up in google rankings, even beating regular media or web site of a product I reviewed.  I used the Golf-R (a car for anyone that doesn’t know) as an example.   I told him on I was the second to top term for Golf-R, beating even the AA review, and also Volkswagen’s own NZ web site (they make the car).  My friend changed and said “No you don’t, you don’t even come in the top five (it comes in no 8 – although the article he found was not the same that was #2 on my list).

What’s going on?

Auckland, Telecom ISP

Christchurch, TelstraClear ISP

This is the search we both used.  Click on the images above to see the enlarged version.  You will see on the right the post is #2.  On the left a DIFFERENT post is #8.

A couple of things to confirm:

  • Both searches used (you can see the “Pages from New Zealand” at the top of both)
  • Both searches used Mozilla
  • Both were made at the same time (and repeated several times)
  • One was made in Auckland through a Telecom ISP, one through Christchurch on Telstra Clear ISP
  • One was on a PC (Auckland), one on a Mac (Christchurch) – the only other difference perhaps?
  • Interesting the Telstra Search gets 47850 compared to 47600 on Telecom.

So this is WEIRD.  I couldn’t think what it could be.  Then I remembered seeing an article on TechDirt about ISP filtering search results, redirecting search terms etc.  That article is an interesting read!

I then further checked with my mate in Auckland and sent him the exact link I used for my Golf-R search over MSN so he just clicked on it.  I thought this would fix it, but no, he still got the same result (i.e. different from me).  So SOMETHING is modifying the Google results he gets (or something is modifying mine).

Try it yourself – which one to you get, or do you get a third result? Comment away please! (Use this link if you like to check - make sure you use too and select “pages from NZ”)!).  Let me know what ISP you used, and what results you get.

I THINK .. and I could be wrong here that Telecom is filtering things.  They shouldn’t, but they do. But I cant prove this (not yet anyway!).  Well I can prove something – they get LESS search results (you can see from the # of searches it shows), so there is SOME filtering going on here.

UPDATE 1: Confirmed now from someone that they get the “Telecom” result when either connected to Telecom through Xtra, or connected to the Telecom LAN (yes they work for Telecom).

Black and White Version: New Zealand based ISPs (Telecom in particular) may be filtering Google Search results.  BASTARDS!

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