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No homo: That’s Gay


Thanks to the guys at infoMania for this VERY funny wee clip

Black and White Version: That’s gay (and funny!).  Watch.

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Grindr – the ultimate gay iPhone app?


Any gay man with an iPhone will have heard of Grindr.  But since not everyone is gay, and not everyone has an iPhone (although based on my observations of San Francisco, everyone who is gay has one), here’s the run down for you:

  • Grindr is an app for the iPhone (although Grindr for Blackberry is coming soon).
  • It is a simple app that allows users to locate (using the iPhones GPS) other nearby users of Grindr.  It shows people in order of distance, with the closest first, as well as showing who is online now.
  • It allows the user to have one profile picture, and a few lines of text as a profile, as well as location details (it shows how far away the person is, not their actual location, but this can be sent by the other user they want to).
  • You can message the other people.
  • You can tag users, so you can re-message them more easily later.
  • And, most importantly, it can (and is) used by guys to meet other gay guys (hook up even?)


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It’s a secret


Black and White Version: No really, they don’t know do they?

But seriously, as a gay guy I write about lots of stuff, some with gay themes, but most without (except when the pope pisses me off or I wanna have a fun post). 

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Pope out of touch (again!)


The Pope has made even more statements recently showing how out of touch he is with reality.  In criticising Britain’s decision to reform its human rights and equality legislation, in particular believing that saying employers should be allowed to discriminate against homosexuals, staying:

Your country is well known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society. Yet, as you have rightly pointed out, the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs.

Let’s see how that sounds if we turn that around shall we?   Should someone who believes that Catholics (or even Christians in general) are not God’s chosen people be able to discriminate on the basis of their beliefs (ie not hire Christians)?   The Pope has it wrong here. This isn’t about reducing any religious freedom – that’s a protected right (in fact one of those protected by the same legislation!) but this is about saying if you want to participate in society we ALL play by the same rules, and regardless of our individual beliefs we agree that one can not discriminate on the grounds of religious belief, sexuality, gender, age, etc.  The pope would be the first to condemn legislation that allowed Christians to be discriminated against – so he’s also a hypocrite!

Besides, even if one accepts that somehow being gay is in anyway bad (and I far from accept that), so what?  Does this mean that anyone that sins can not be employed by Catholics?  So if someone had pre-marital sex, will they be excluded?  What if they didn’t pay a parking fine? What if they didn’t go to church last Sunday?  Where does it stop?  I do remember a certain guy 2000 or so years ago saying something about this.

To me this is about a Pope (and a church) out of touch with the people, making up rules that are inconsistent with God’s wishes (if one believes in the God the Catholic church says exists, I am 100% sure he wouldn’t agree with what they say or do a lot of the time).

Black and White Version: The Pope is out of touch, and hypocritical.

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The unwritten rules for Hug a Gay Day


My initial post on Hug a Gay Day has created some discussion within the internet-ether.  Well OK, someone commented on someone’s FaceBook about it, and someone else linked to it from a gay forum, but the first description sounded a lot more impressive didn’t it?

Anyway, what’s become clear to me is a couple of things:

  1. Hardly anyone knew about the day.  Let’s call this Lack of Brand Awareness.
  2. There appears to be quite a lot of misunderstanding on the protocols, rules and general “dos and don’ts” of the day.  After all no one seams to have written any guidelines for it.  Let’s call this Who hugs who and how.

So … that’s where I come in.  Consider this the definitive list of protocols, rules and guidelines for how hug a gay day works.  While this mainly focuses on the 2nd issue (the who hugs who bit), I figure any discussion about the day is good and should help with the first issue (lack of brand awareness).   Anyway, I have broken this into three sections. (more…)

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Hug a Gay Day – 2nd Feb 2010


Yep, today (2nd Feb) is international hug a gay day.

UPDATE: My 2011 post on hug a gay is here (but this post has more info, so read it 1st, along with my unwritten rules guide on how to hug a gay).

Initially I though there was some controversy about the day – yes, DRAMA! No, no, not in THAT way.  But because some sites refer to it as the 2nd Annual Hug A Gay Day, and some as the 3rd Annual Hug a Gay Day.  This would have caused some issues, but my investigative skills triumphed (well more like I actually read the dates on web pages) and discovered all the “2nd Annual” pages were from 2009.  So I can official announce that it’s the THIRD ANNUAL HUG A GAY DAY.  Phew, controversy over on that one!  (Oh, I better future proof this post  – if you are reading this in 2011, it’s the forth).

The event even has its own face book page (mind you, I guess that’s not saying much, since over 2.5 million people are FaceBook fans of the “I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say “k” page.)

Anyway, I am not sure of the protocol on this one (no one sent me the gay manual), but I figure it’s less about gay people giving each other a hug (since they do that all the time anyway – you know, being all liberal and all), but more about the NON gay-folk hugging the GAY-Folk.  So, there it is.  If you are not gay, prove it .. go hug a gay.  If you are gay .. ummm .. well, keep being gay and go help the non gay-folk out and break the ice by inviting a hug.  If this results in the occasional straight-straight hug (coz some guy or girl looked gay and wasn’t) then that’s OK, but try to keep those to a minimum OK – focus people!

Disclaimer: If you follow my advice above, and get beaten up coz you didn’t pick the right place to try it, don’t blame me!

Black and White Version: Hug a gay, we know you want to.

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