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Truely awesome short film – must watch


Late last year I posted about a short film that touched me.

I received a really wonderful email from the writer, Elliot London (you can follow Elliot on twitter here) about his new short film, out just in time for Valentines day (for some of the world at least)

But wait, there is more.  This is part of something bigger, best said in Elliot’s words:

The objective with this project is to raise money for our feature film FRIEND. A film about coming out in 2012. A time now when things are so different with social networking. A time now that a child might not have the correct tools to coupe with humiliation in an instant world.
FRIEND is about giving back. Its a movie about accepting and loving oneself but most of all it is about educating. With the proceeds from this film I am going to be donating the profits to groups that help educate at risk youth… If we can raise $10,000 to make our last film with social networking, then $250,000 can be done. Please take a look at the campaign we have started.
Please share this film…
You can support this feature film via IndieGoGo.

Also, the sound track to short film is available on iTunes for 99c (or here for the NZ iTunes store – $1.69) with all the funds from the iTunes sales towards the feature film).

Black and White Version: The more I see of Elliot’s stuff, the more I wanna see.

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Hug a Gay Day 2012


2nd Feb 2012 is the 5th Annual Hug A Gay Day.

For more details please see my previous posts on this, well worth a read (IMHO):

And to recap:

  • Anyone can hug a gay today (best to ask 1st)
  • Gay guys hugging gay guys is OK – but you do that anyway right?   So its more about str8 mates hugging you to show how cool and modern and metro (if they are a guy) they are.
  • Self hugs don’t count (even if you are gay)

That is all.

Black and White Version: You can hug a gay any day, but especially on 2nd Feb.

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Awesome Gay Short Film


I was emailed a link today, and asked to blog about it.  90% of the time I don’t, coz either the link is spam, or I don’t support the message being pushed.

Today was an exception.  Here is a truly awesome gay short film.

WARNING SEXUAL THEMES (well more to the point, actual sex).


“306″ Short Gay Film from Elliot London on Vimeo.

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It’s tough being gay, so I am told


Gay Times, bad times:

That was the heading in Australia Age news paper today.  The story was actually a well researched one, with lots of good points, the central one being that bullying of gay kids is far too prevalent, and should stop.  But I am gonna take a different spin on the story.

The article cites a number of examples of how gay youth are mistreated: by organisations like schools, by bullies, and by family members.    Overall it paints a negative picture about gay rights for kids, and being young and gay.

I completely agree with the underlying message that bullying of gays has to stop and that everyone has a part to play in this, including family, schools, and workplaces. BUT I disagree with their central premise that somehow it’s getting worse.  Coz I dont think it is.  I think it’s getting better.

In fact one commenter on the Age web site summarised it so well:

The article states: Young homosexuals are suffering more abuse than ever, particularly in schools.

The reply: With the exception of all of human history up to this point

I think it’s getting MUCH MUCH better and here’s why.


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a pride

Hug a Gay Day 2nd Feb 2011


International Hug a Gay Day

OMG, how did I (almost) miss this one this year!

Yes, 2nd February is once again international hug a gay day (it’s the 4th Annual Hug A Gay day).

Last year I posted about how many were confused about what is was for, and how to hug a gay, so I produced a quick guide.  The full Hug a Gay Day guide is here, and the unwritten rules for Hug a Gay day here, but in a nutshell:

  • Anyone can hug a gay today (best to ask 1st)
  • Gay guys hugging gay guys is OK – but you do that anyway right?   So its more about str8 mates hugging you to show how cool and modern and metro (if they are a guy) they are.
  • Self hugs don’t count (even if you are gay)

The most common question I still get is How long should I hug for? And my reply is that my gay friends said no more than 5 seconds, my straight mates said (on average), around 3.  So let’s say under 4 seconds.  Better still, let’s make it catchy:  Hug for 3, and you’ll be free, hug for 4, and you might get more. (Did that make any sense?  Can you tell I don’t write jingles for a living?)

Oh, and the how to hug video in case you missed it:

Black and White Version: Hug a gay day is back!   Go on do it, I know you want to!

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AirNZ Gay Kiss (that wasn’t) now banned


When I first saw this video I thought that it was very cool how once again AirNZ was being innovative in their marketing, while also acknowledging (albeit in a subtle away) that gay flight attendants are a fact of life, and hey, even All Blacks are OK with that (just not OK with kissing a guy).

So here’s that video:

Media are now reporting that Air NZ cuts gay kiss from in-flight safety film (NZ Herald) and All Black gay kiss-off cut from Air NZ video ( because of complaints.

Here’s my issues with this decision:

1) The trivial bit:

It’s NOT a gay kiss!  The headlines are all wrong.  There never was a kiss.  It was a ‘no thanks’ to an offer of a peck on the check.  There is actual no proper kiss in the whole video, there is only an air-kiss between a female flight attendant, and an All Black.

2) The main issue

The scene was cut due to complaints from members of the gay community. So what?  I am gay and think it’s great!  Will (the flight attendant ) is gay and thinks it’s great too.  So yeah, let’s ignore those other silly gay folk shall we?

But wait, it was also reported that:

The complaints included a suggestion that the scene could lead to gay male suicides, The Dominion Post reported.

So they SUGGEST that it could lead to gay male suicide.  Well I for one think it’s AWESOME to show an out and proud gay man interacting with an All Black (flirting with him even) and saying ‘Hey we think this is just a part of NZ life, so we will show it on our safety video’.

Kiwiblog got the headline right with: Political Correct Wins again. CRAZY!

I don’t really blame AirNZ for this, although I would love it if they would stick up for their rights (and mine) on this one and challenge the gay complainants to prove their claims, or even better have a public debate about it, and agree to honour the outcome/decision.  I’d be in to argue for the affirmative team (ie the kiss does more good than bad).  The people who should feel ashamed here are the anonymous complainants – well done guys, you have now removed a positive gay model from the eyes of young gay men.  Home goal me thinks.

Black and White Version: AirNZ is coo,l, their marketing is cool.  Being gay is cool.  Showing gay people in their video is cool.  Turning down a kiss is cool too (if done respectfully) but complaining about it is NOT cool.

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A - Grindr

Grindr – how to get smiley faces in profile, and other tips


I have done a couple of blog posts on Grindr, the iPhone app that has been euphemistically described as Dating for Gays (I say hook ups, but that’s just me).  I find it amusing that Israeli publication Haaretz has the headline New iPhone application lets gay Israelis look for love while on the move. Love?  Hmmm, call me cynical (or maybe just call me realistic) but I don’t think it’s love anyone will find (nor are they looking for it if they are using Grindr).

I number of people have asked me how to get things like smiley faces (or Emoji) in the profile name and/or profile text.  Well the answer is easy: Install Emoji (as explained in this post) and then you have them to type in just like you would any character.

While I on the subject here are some protocol tips for using Grindr: (more…)

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Grindr, gay men, sex and the NZ Herald


For those that don’t know, Grindr is an iPhone (and now Blackberry) application that uses location based search (i.e. it knows where you are) to tell you where other people using the same application are.  It has a simple image of each person (a photo you pick) and a short profile and basic stats (height, weight, age etc).   For anyone reading this, it’s easy to see that this is used by gay guys wanting to hook up ({f you don’t know what I mean by this check out this meaninglook for Slang Meaning 3(b) }.

Anyway, I have done a wee review of Grindr before, but had to laugh when the NZ Herald had this article today on Grindr. The headline was Gay men embrace GPS dates. That headline is quite wrong on a few levels:

  1. Grindr isn’t always GPS based – it’s LOCATION based.  An iPhone 2G uses cell phone triangulation to work out where it is.  But that’s a minor issue.
  2. How does one put this nicely?  Ummmm, Grindr is NOT about dates, it’s about HOOK UPs.  Cute that they say GPS dates, but yeah, no, not really.

It also quotes former Gay New Zealand editor Matt Akersten:

“You might not be in the traditionally gay areas like Ponsonby or Grey Lynn or the inner city – you could be in one of the smaller centres – and you just plug it in and realise you’re not alone, and there are other people like you out there, it’s a great networking tool,” he said.

Euphemisms are so cute..  It’s a great networking tool. Well if by networking you mean HOOK UP then sure, it is.

On a more serious level, Grindr works best in big cities with lots of users – like Sydney or bigger.  But when you go to Oamaru and you are the only person on it, it kinda falls down.   As they say, I am the only gay in the village. There is one downside of the super large cities: Since Grindr only lists a few pages (100 I think) of the closest people, in places like Sydney there might be 100 people within a few km, meaning you only see those people and not people further out.  In places like Auckland you see everyone (coz there are often only a few dozen online withing 10-20km at any given time).  Also as I have blogged previously, the application has to be running to work (no background push services unless you want to pay a monthly fee), so it kills the battery super quick.

That’s all.  Not a major issue, in fact it’s kinda nice that the media don’t write the headline Gay Mean use technology to have more sex, coz that would be true.  Mind you it would be true of MEN generally, not just gay men.

And fear not, new versions are coming:

A version of Grindr for lesbians and heterosexuals is expected by the end of the year.

Black and White Version: It’s nice to see a misleading headline (and story) that’s actually written more positively that the potential underlying story.

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Funny French McDonalds ad and the parody reply


Here’s a very progressive ad from McDonald’s in France.  IMHO it’s not only progressive, but also kinda cute (sweet even) in a very cool way.

I have read several FaceBook posts saying that the CE of McD’s in America has come out (no pun intended) and said this type of advertising has no place in a family restaurant.  However I can find no other references to this online, and the Wikipedia article on McDonald’s adverting just mentions the French ad.

Anyway .. here is a reply parody.  Also in French, and rather funny:

Black and White Version: See ads can be gay and funny without being stereotypically negative.

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Credit Card Scandal for Labour’s Ministers


Well the mainstream media and blogs are awash with news on this one since it broke two days ago. (the best humorous post by far is this at one at the Dim-Post).  Even AirNZ got in on the act with another relevant parody ad (on the right).  For those interested there is further in depth editorial here and and a useful round up by Kiwiblog here.

Anyway .. here’s my take (the black and white version):


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