The NZ Herald today has the headline Let’s have the silver fern, PM saysUmmmm, no he didn’t!

Even the text (repeated below) in the article makes that clear.  Or even better watch the YouTube clip.

Not withstanding that I have said that I would keep the New Zealand flag [as it is] just simply because there are probably bigger issues to sort of deal with, my personal view is if you had an alternative … I would go with [the silver fern]

One of the better examples of the media making a headline to get attention about a story that isn’t there.  The PM actually thinks “Let’s keep the flag the same for now” – nothing to see here, no story!

On a side note, I happen to think the silver fern is an EXCELLENT idea for the next NZ flag.  I also think now IS the time to change it (or nowISH).  As has been pointed out, the silver fern predates both Pakeha and Maori, and is something both groups can related to, as well as being uniquely Kiwi.

Black and White Version: The silver fern would make an excellent flag (IMHO), but that’s NOT what John Key said.

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