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Pam Ann – not funny with Aids FaceBook post


Comedian Pam Ann crossed the line today in a rather stupid outburst on Facebook.

Known to have a HUGE gay following (I would estimate three quarters of her audience are gay, due to the theme of her work), and Pam make constant references to her gays during both her stage acts, and here regular FaceBook posts.

Today, in reference to Ryan Air’s new beds and blowjobs business class (link to Youtube if you wanna watch it) across the Atlantic (that’s Ryan Airs marketing for it!), Pam decided to be TRY to be funny and made the following post:

Blowjobs on Ryanair’s long haul business class I’d rather catch aids in Africa lol

I fully get that some humor will be offend some people, and I am all for pushing the boundaries, but this crossed the line.  WAY over.  And based on comments from those on FaceBook, many would agree.

Of course people can make mistakes.  Comedians included.  So LOTS comments asked Pam to delete the post, and apologise.  I think the matter would have ended there.

But instead Pam left the post up, and clearly seeing the backlash from her gays, changed her profile picture to a rainbow flag.

Sorry Pam – this makes it worse.  You clearly see the issue, but choose to try to make up for it by pretending to be gay friendly, when clearly you are EXTREMELY ignorant on both Aids, and in particular those in Africa who suffer from it.

So, this post is all about exposing Pam for who and what she is.

Comments welcome!

Black and White Version: Pam’s funny, but she needs to remember her core audience and how hurtful her ill-thought out comment was. When you’re a one trick pony, best not to p*ss off your audience. Apologise now Pam, please. (quoted directly from Tania on FaceBook)

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kia kaha

Christchurch Earthquake – what can I do?


Quite a few people have commented to me and my friends saying I wish I could do more, or What can I do?

Well it you live outside Christchurch here are some ideas:

  • If you can afford it, give money.  Don’t sent stuff.    We have water, we have clothes, we have food.  If people are in need, they need money (and stuff requires massive co-ordination, especially if it’s perishable)
  • Best place to send money is via Christchurch Earthquake Appeal or if you want to do it via your mobile phone in NZ, text QUAKE to 4419 for a $3 donation.  This is one of those times you don’t need to ask the owner of the phone before sending the text <grin>
  • If you can’t afford money, then send your wishes to people you know – but don’t ask for replies (unless they are close family).  Just text, or email or FB message saying Thinking of you or something similar.  It means a lot to so many.
  • Avoid calling unless it’s urgent.  Not only does it tie up the phone network, but people are busy sorting stuff out – homes or work, and sometimes don’t have time to chat.
  • If your friends in Christchurch call you then ignore the above comment.  They do have time to chat then!
  • If you can, offer beds, showers, whatever you can for friends from Christchurch – many want to escape
  • Change your FaceBook status, but know it doesn’t do anything.  If it makes you feel better, go for it, but know it’s more about you, not us (just like those silly posts about Post this is if you know someone with cancer… doesn’t help anyone with cancer – donating money for research does though).
  • Better than a Facebook update, is a personal message to friends or family in Christchurch, either to their wall, or a private message (my preference).  Say something real and personal.
  • Remember that stuff is just that.   PEOPLE are what matters. Some people have lost friends, family, and almost every knows someone that has (or at the very least knows of someone).  Be sensitive.
  • Avoid posting random crap on FaceBook about not rebuilding Christchurch, or how it’s now unsafe.  That may be your opinion, but keep it to yourself for now.  Some people are very fragile, so just keep off those kinda topics for now
  • Remember everyone reacts differently to these kinda of situations.  Some will be calm, some will be frustrated, some will be an emotional wreck, and others will be angry.  Some will use humour.  These are all normal.   Accept it.

PS: All donations in NZ over $5 are tax deductible.

Black and White Version: If you want to do something for people of Christchurch there are many ways, and not all of them involve money.

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squeezy cheese

What’s wrong with the world


I try to make some big (and by big I don’t mean long, I just mean somewhat important, or thought provoking) posts every now and again. To balance this off, sometimes I go for trivial, and let’s just say if this post was a swimming pool, there wouldn’t be a deep end. So ….

What’s wrong with the world (my black and white simplified version):

  1. Squeezy cheese: This one is easy.  Cheese is already cheese, and just needs to be chopped, grated, melted or otherwise mushed up into whatever culinary use you want to put it to (or just eat it straight).  Put it in a bottle?  NEVER.  It’s even worse than cheese slices – I mean I am not sure if it’s more nutritionally sound to throw away the cheese and eat the plastic wrap from these or the other way around, but that’s a whole different story.  Anyway, squeezy cheese is BAD and WRONG, stay away.**
  2. FaceBook posts by teenagers: My initial thought here was to be specific and use the example of posting random inane crap no one but the poster cares about like 2am: Why can’t I sleep. or 10.30am The lady on the seat next to me on the bus smells. But then I thought about how they also post random song lyrics (I think it’s their version of poetry) in bid to communicate (something, I am not sure what).  Then there is their desire to post stuff to peoples wall (i.e. public view) that should be a private message.  I think this is a desire to be seen to be nice to other people in a semi-public way, but not sure, since most of the posts like this are “nice” posts.  But my pet peeve is when they post something like Cancer is bad, post this on your wall to show support for cancer suffers. Like WTF?  Sorry to burst your wee bubble but that won’t actually help anyone.  Yeah, sorry life sucks eh? (but you are a teenager, you knew they right?).  It’s almost as bad as when they try to be deep, when all it looks like they are doing is a cut and paste jobs from or something  eg In life we sometimes have challenges, but they are there to teach us a lesson. Sometimes we don’t know what this lesson is yet, but the lesson we must learn all the same. I mean come on, you’re kidding right?  Do you even KNOW what that means?  Is this the same person who just posted OMG I hate my mum coz she won’t lend me the car 10 minutes earlier? Oh, and while I am at it here is a message for teenager: i dnt gt txt spk. 4 fks sake jst ad a vowl or 2 K?
  3. How the new chipped credit cards take so long to do an Eft-Pos transaction. Really, I mean come on everything gets faster these days (OK, except for computers running windows, and iPhones running iOS4, but that’s a different story).  It used to take 3 seconds, how it takes like 7, sometimes 10 seconds.  Sheez, hurry up already.  I am waiting.

**: I was gonna say instant mashed potato is wrong.  Coz it is.  Coz potato is already potato, so it’s like, well instant.  I guess it’s not pre-mashed.  So OK, that makes it pre-mashed potato.  Anyway, instant mashed potato is wrong for the same reason instant coffee is wrong.  And if you don’t get that then you deserve a life of instant coffee, instant mashed potato topped with squeezy cheese (and no that wasn’t a compliment).  (The one exception is that you are allowed to use instant mashed potato when camping/hiking.  But instant coffee is NEVER allowed, even then.).

Black and White Version: There is a lot wrong with the world, squeezy cheese, teenagers FaceBook posts and chipped credit cards aren’t helping.

PS: In case you missed it, most of this post is written in humour.  Except for the bit about squeezy cheese, that’s for real. :-)

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justin bieber

FaceBook Scams (including Justin Bieber is Gay) and the fix


I have been meaning to write this post for a while.  In fact every-time I get some random message on FaceBook that says Hey .. did you know {insert random but slightly interesting or controversial supposed fact} click here to find out only to be lead to a FaceBook application that says something like click here to let me into everything you have.  The same applies when a FaceBook page claims to be able to tell you who’s been looking at your photos or status updates, or how to win an iPad or well .. anything that sounds a tad weird actually.

Now I am NOT stupid enough to click on any of this crap, but it appears many of my friends are (well at least my FACEBOOK friends – there is a difference I hope).  Anyway .. so yeah .. they click away and guess what?  The FaceBook app grabs control and sends out random messages, posts stuff to their wall, even private messages people.  Often this is related to the topic/app to further get people to click on it, but sometimes its just diverting people to some random web page for porn/scam/you name it.

Anyway .. so here it is, the simple, clear, get to the point message:

IF YOU SEE A LINK THAT SAYS “CLICK HERE for …. ” and then it asks for access to your FaceBook account in ANYWAY then don’t click yes.  EVER.  To view a page (a legit page) you don’t have to let FaceBook access ANYTHING, so it’s a scam for sure. This applies for inside info on famous people, win an iPad type stuff, and also click here to find out who is reading your FaceBook Page (hell even FaceBook doesn’t store that kinda data!)

The Fix

Feel free to refer people to this page if they happen to click one of these links and their page is sending out random crap, coz I have the fix:

  • On your FaceBook page, go to the Account menu (top left) and slect Privacy Settings
  • Near the bottom left you will see Apps and Websites.  Select the Edit your settings link just below it
  • Under Apps you use, click on the Remove link
  • This will give you a list of all apps that have access to your FaceBook account.    Normally these are listed in order of last used.
  • Delete any App that you don’t recognize.  It will likely be the last one installed/used (to delete, click on the small X’ next to edit settings for the app in question)
  • To be safe, change your FaceBook password
  • Learn how to use Google and check stuff before you click on ANYTHING.

Oh, and if your friends send out a message to you like Oh, oh, wow this is amazing, click here did you know Justin Bieber is Gay then just message them back with a Poor poor idiot friend, read this: and a link to this page.  And then hassle them for life for being so stupid.  Oh, and if you have been referred here by someone (other than me as a new post update), it means yep, you have been had, follow the steps above before all your friends know you are silly enuf to click on stuff like that.

Black and White Version: It appears some people are just a tad too curious (or is it stupid and lazy).  It just means we end up with spam via FaceBook *sigh*

PS: Justin Bieber isn’t gay.  :-)

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Vodafone fails (again) but no hate FaceBook pages or random rants


Today the NZ Herald reported how the Vodafone network failed on Saturday.

Now normally I would say “it happens”, but in this case I don’t see a flood of FaceBook hate pages, nor demands that Vodafone “fix” it, or silly stories about how poor wee Jane couldn’t call the fireman to get her cat down out of the tree (yes I made that last bit up – but you get the idea).  Why not?  It seams good enough for Telecom’s XT. As I have blogged previously it’s NOT because Vodafone hasn’t done it before  – in fact Vodafone’s 3g network fails MORE than Telecom’s CDMA network does – it’s just it has a back up (ie their 2G network frequency) so many people don’t notice it.

Anyway … I do think Telecom have major issues with XT, the most significant of which is not the hardware issues – but the loss of public confidence in the Telecom brand (result in major customer loss, and even questions about Telecom’s ability to deliver on the 1.5 billion broadband roll out package – a question that wouldn’t have been asked 6 months ago).  BUT, and this is the point here, failures happen, and rather than rant on about it on FaceBook crying over spilt milk, DO something about it (that or just shut up).  The media need to make sure they are balanced here – lets see how the report the next Vodafone failure – and will they call for a Government enquiry or not.

Black and White Version: XT bashing seams a bit one sided to me (and no I don’t mean XT should go out and bash people – that WOULD be a PR disaster!)

Disclaimer: Anyone from Vodafone’s legal team might want to read by disclaimer page, but in case you want the short version this entire blog is my OPINION.  So there.  I am allowed to be wrong, coz its what I THINK (although I THINK I am right!)

PS: The irony of me ranting on about people ranting on about stuff is not lost on me.  I am smiling on the inside. :-) :-P

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XT bashing


I think the only place that has more XT bashing at the moment than the mainstream media is FaceBook.  Appears the in thing to do is post ‘I hate XT’ or any deviation.  A witty link to something else topical helps, but doesn’t appear compulsory.  FaceBook fan pages, status updates, and links to TradeMe auctions about XT lemons. It’s all the rage this week.

Interesting to see the extent really, since unlike something like power supply in New Zealand, we actually have choice when it comes to mobile networks.   Yes they all rip us off (well I guess 2 Degrees is at least trying to help there), and yes the interconnect/termination rate is WAY WAY to high, BUT we actually have simple portability (you can take your # with you if you swap networks) and as has already been identified, NZ has one of the highest rates of people having 2 mobiles (aka 2 different networks).   Anyway .. lets explore this some more: (more…)

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How to hang toilet paper (or stuff your mum should have taught you but didn’t part 1)


Click on me for a bigger version

I thought EVERYONE knew how to hang toilet paper, but a quick google search reveals apparently not.

So, I thought I’d share something I found on the web YEARS ago, that keeps occupying status updates up on people’s FaceBook posts every 6 mths or so.

Often the short version of just the 1st image is shown, but this (IMHO) is just the what do to and doesn’t answer the more philosophically important important of  why we should do it, which is really what all the other images are about.

Click on the image on the right to see an enlarged version.

Black and White Version: There is a right way to hang toilet paper, and it’s the OVERHANG way (ie the end of the paper on the outside over the top, not underneath against the wall).

Hat Tip: Images all come from Chris Regen’s Current Configuration Blog, and the full story of how to hang toilet paper can be found there.  You can even download a pdf that you print and fold into a mini brochure.

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An even cooler plug-in for my blog, to link to FaceBook


No sooner did I complete the post below, I found a new (well new for me!) plug in for WordPress and App for Facebook that allows posts from my blog to go to Facebook as an actual event (not just a note) and have comments from both the blog show on FaceBook, and visa-versa.  VERY Cool!  The plug, called Wordbooker can be found by searching for “Wordbooker” in the plug ins of WordPress.  There is also a FaceBook page for it.

This plug in can also do an auto status update of the post, but the only issue is if someone comments on the status update, that comment doesn’t link back, so I turned that function off.

Once again very easy to set up

Black and White Version: I like things that just work :-)

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Cool new plug in – links FaceBook comments


After LOTS of searching, I finally found a plug in for WordPress that actually WORKS that takes the coments people make on FaceBook about my blog posts, and puts them into this blog as comments.

Looks like there were quite a few that didnt work (I wont link to those) but this one does – FaceBook CommentsTNG Thanks guys!

Very easy to set up, and it works, woowhoo!

Now all I need to do is stop my blog from double posting to both the notes page AND the main feed.  Hmmmm .. I think there is a setting somewhere.  I wonder if del*.* still works :-)

Black and White Version: A very cool WordPress-FaceBook comments integration that works!

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