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Airline Review – part 2 (short haul international travel).


Here is part 2(of 3) of my airline reviews (part one here).

Here I focus on short haul (under 4 hours) international travel. I will be mainly looking at Trans-Tasman trips (for the Americans reading this, that means from New Zealand to Australia or visa versa, or more likely “from one country you haven’t heard of to another you you might have, but generally have no idea where either is”).  In this part I have formatted the vast majority of text into a table, and limited comments to airlines that fly often.


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Airlines in NZ – a comparision of quality and service PART 1 of 3


Anyone who knows me, and probably a whole bunch who don’t, but just see my FaceBook updates of my travels, will know that I travel quite a bit for work.  Most weeks I am on between 2 and 4 flights (so that’s 1 or 2 return flights) a week to cities in New Zealand.  I also take around 2 major international trips a year (major meaning US, Asia, Europe type thing), and a handful to OZ.

Travel is a mixture of work and pleasure (I sometimes go on holiday overseas – but often it’s in NZ), and work travel is a mixture of travel for three different organisations.  I think my “record” was 11 flights in one week (including two international ones).  I think that was a busy week! :-)

Anyway, since I travel so much I wanted to share a bunch of thoughts on airlines in NZ – the good, the bad, the handy, and even a few tips.  This is part one of a series of three posts on this topic, with this one focusing on domestic travel.  Here goes … (more…)

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