Yep, it’s official – Jetstar and XT are no longer just brand names, they are also verbs.

Well OK, not 100% true, they are unofficially verbs now.  But it’s on record (mine) that they are.  So that’s like officially unofficial.  Anyway .. I digress, let me explain:

Jetstar (the airline) is known to have screwed up their launch into the domestic NZ market, BIG TIME (basically not enough planes, meaning flight delayed all over the place)  And further more to in an effort to help fix their issues, they further pissed off customers with over the top rules (e.g. “no, you’re late, you cant go on that flight now”).

XT (the mobile phone network) on the other hand had a great launch, they pulled in overseas speed demon, Richard Hammond for ads.  And it went so well.  It was rated by almost everyone as FAR better, especially for data.  But then OOOOPS happened.  And again.  And again.   Then people resigned (and again).  Yeah .. not good eh?  But they did offer compensation, and they (including the CEO) fronted up and said sorry and this isn’t good enough.

So here’s how it works now.  There are now two new verbs “To Jetstar it” and “To XT it”.  Here’s how they should be used.


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