I read KiwiBlog quite a bit, in fact I think it is both my most read blog, and also the 1st NZ based blog I read.

Often DPF (the Author – David Farrar) says lots of stuff I agree with, and while I have occasionally blogged about similar things, especially when the media get lazy and start making stories up, like the sometimes do.  Anyway, this time I actually want to blog about what DPF said, coz it’s just classic (and IMHO a very Paul Henry moment (where someone says what everyone else is thinking).

The background:

The Dominion Post runs a story about how Creative NZ and Wellington City Council jointly funded an unemployed guy to $40,000 to promote the virtues of being unemployed:

Tao Wells, 37, advocates the opportunities and benefits of unemployment and says it is unfair that long-term beneficiaries are labelled bludgers for exploiting the welfare system.

The reaction:

Laughable (and sad at the same time) eh?  Well it was DPF’s reaction that was even funnier (and SOOOO spot on).

It’s unfair that I have to work 60 hour weeks to fund your fucking life style, you bludging wanker.

But it gets better.  The Dominion Post reported the guy’s dole was cut:

Late yesterday afternoon his benefit was cut off after Work and Income learned of the project.

And was quoted saying

Wells denied his pro-unemployment stance was hypocritical when he was being paid $2000 for the project. “We should never be forced to take a job. If you’re forced to take a job it’s a punishment. If a job’s a punishment then society must be a prison.”

To which DPF replied:

Listen Mr Fuckwit, you are not forced to take a job. So long as you don’t want those of us who do work to pay you a benefit, you do not need to ever work again.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Black and White Version: The unemployed shouldn’t be forced to do anything.  But to get a payment from the taxpayer, they can, and should.  To paraphrase DPF “Get a job fuckwit”.

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