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Paleo Diet – updated log


I am updating my post on my new eating regime, with daily info on what I am eating, and how I am feeling (the important bit).

The log and post on the Paleo diet can be found here.

Some observations I would make about reactions from friends that hear I am doing it:

  • It’s clear there is LOTS of mis information out there about what to eat to be healthy.  Lots of people talk about protein, carbs, fat etc, but not a lot of talk about FOOD.
  • The vast majority of people think a diet is to lose weight (I ain’t trying to lose anything here)
  • People seam to get the basic premise: eat food not stuff; eat food we were, in evolutionary terms, designed to eat; don’t eat plant foods that tries not to be eaten1 (i.e. has chemicals that fight proper digestion)
  • Most people think fat is bad.  A few think it’s just saturated fat that’s bad.  Only a handful get that neither is overly true – if there is one bad fat, it’s transfat (an unsaturated fat).
  • Almost no one gets that the worst things in western diets is sugar.  If one thing is evil, it’s sugar! (fructose being the worst).
  • People really do want black and white stuff – this is good, that is bad.  Life ain’t like that (yep – and I do see the irony about this blog (whiteandblack) blogging about that – life AIN’T like that, but people WANT it to be – hence this blog)

Note 1: It was pointed out to me by a few people that almost all animals try not to be eaten (mainly by running away if they get a chance), so the distinction is made above about plants that try not to be eaten.  AKA grains, or potatoes (try eating one raw and see what happens).

The more I read about the Paleo diet the more it seams clear that a number of proponents believe (limited) diary is OK, like PaNu.  Also most allow small amounts of caffeine (aka coffee) and alcohol – not because they are inherently good for you, or somehow a Paleo thing, but just coz they know people will consume them anyway, and they aren’t that bad for you when one looks at the big picture.

Update 22 Feb: My log now has a “cheats” section for each day – ie how well did I stick to the strict Paleo way.

Black and White Version: I am still learning about this area, but it’s clear what I thought was fact relating to healthy eating (e.g. low fat, high complex carb) was WAY wrong.

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usa flag

Observations from the USA (aka stuff about Americans)


As many of you may know, I travel a lot.  At least one of my major trips each year takes me to the USA.  One of my favourite places to visit is San Francisco (I am there now).

I will blog more about some of the ideas I mention below, but wanted to make a quick post about my observations about America (and by that I mean USA), Americans.

My observations (in no particular order) are:  


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There is no such thing as a large flat white coffee!


Ok, now this might sound trivial, but for anyone that likes good coffee you will know how important anything coffee related is.

So, lets get it out and up front: There is NO such thing as a large flat white!  If you make a flat white in a large cup it’s just turned into a latte.  So PLEASE stop refering to it as a large flat white

It’s just as bad as saying “An espresso with milk”.  An espresso is BY DEFINITION a black coffee.  If one adds milk it’s no longer an espresso.  One can refer to espresso when making another coffee (for example “A cappuccino is made by adding milk and milk froth to an espresso ….”.

Just to be clear, for those outside of Australiasia (flat whites are mainly found in NZ and Asutralia), here are the receipies for each:


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