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Telecom Split (just like Brad and Ange)


Great news (and about time).

While I am a big fan of XT, I am not a fan of the way Telecom have acted in general over the last 10 years.  IMHO, they have squeezed every last bit out of their monopoly on landlines (the network part), and duopoly on mobile, for years.  They have danced around the whole split thing, and teased us promising reform that never happened.

Finally it’s been announced that Telecom will split. Well kinda, the have announced the shareholders will vote on it.  Anyway about time, well done (if not a bit forced), but Telecom will likely split (as pointed out by KiwiBlog).  And this is ALL about Telecom being able to participate in the Government’s ultrafast broadband (UFB) investment initiative. While I don’t think it was every the intention of the Government to have this effect on Telecom (their policy was all about speeding up the building of UFB infrastructure in NZ), Telecom finally realised that if they don’t take part, the new UFB backbone will actually be a direct competitor to Telecom’s monopoly on land-line infrastructure in NZ.  Yep, the UFB infrastructure could allow Telecom competitors to simply use Voice over IP (VOIP) technology (and other tech) to directly compete with Telecom.  If they don’t play in the new UFB game, they could be just another me-too offering, bye-bye Telecom as we know it.


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Telecom Comments – from the REAL staff (warning .. graphic language!)


Like many people in New Zealand, I happen to know a few people that work for Telecom.  In fact I did some checking and found I know people that work in EVERY major structural division of Telecom.

Now we know what the CE of Telecom, Dr Paul Reynolds, thinks we even know he’s not resigning.  But what do the grass roots staff think?  You know, the people who we know, who we interact with, maybe even socialise with, and have to deal with the day to day stress of it, without actually having the power to change much.

Since I am no journalist, I don’t get to ask Dr Reynolds questions, in fact I didn’t even ask my friends question, I just let them rant.   So, no names (to protect their jobs), but here is their good honest feedback about the whole XT thing.  Warning, graphic honest language follows.


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