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SeatBelt holder Scirocco-R

Golf-R and Scirocco-R review and comparision in New Zealand


Yes I have finally done it – test drove the new 2010 Scirocco-R and Golf-R back to back.  Here is my detailed review and commentary, plus information about stuff no other reviewer has mentioned (but I think any owner would want to know).

I did this on Saturday 15th May 2010 in Auckland, courtesy of Giltrap Prestige on New North Road.  The weather was a combination of overcast, and rain (ranging from light showers to very heavy downpour).  This means that at one stage part of the roads were VERY flooded, and plenty of variety to test the cars   Oh, before I start I would have to say the sales staff were very helpful, and knowledgeable too.

UPDATE Feb 2011: I now own a Golf-R – my updated review can be found here (but read this post 1st!)

Anyway, here’s what I will be covering in my review:

  1. My overall impressions of each car, trying to focus on what other reviews don’t tell you (but you might wanna know)
  2. The differences between each car
  3. How they stack up against the competition and the whole value thing


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Golf-R 2010 Review


Today I took the Golf-R for a wee spin.  A test drive even.  A decent one hour test drive, which thanks to Easter Monday being a public holiday, meant that the dealership was short staffed and couldn’t spare anyone to go with me – darn, so just me, a 2010 Golf-R (std spec) and an hour of time.

First of all I am not going to talk about the specs.  You can do this here. I am also not going to go into a history lesson of the Golf (but you can here if you want), nor it’s GTI line (until the R series this was the “top” Golf).  What I AM going to do is give a quick rundown on the car, and what I like (and don’t like) about it.


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New Zealand Wine – my top pics


I just made a huge post about exercise and eating well.  Life is all about balance so here’s my wine post.

Let’s cut to the chase: I like wine.  I like New Zealand wine. I also like drinking good wine, but not paying top dollar for it.

So, here are my top pics for NZ wine, taking into account price (so best value), along my take on overall quality irrespective of price.

Price has the normal price range one can find it for sale (the lower number being less common) along with the recommended retail price (RRP) in New Zealand (based on memory).

A full table listed below.  Click on the wine name for tasting notes etc from the winemaker, or on the wine type to see more about that grape/wine style.


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