Yesterday I read in the NZ Herald about Power shock stuns home loan applicant (yep, they are trying to be clever with the headline) who couldn’t get a mortgage due to an old bad debt.

They reported:

“The bank went digging around in my credit history and there was a black mark that showed up.

“I promptly got a letter from Baycorp saying something like, ‘You owe TrustPower about 100 bucks’. Once I paid it, it [the loan deal] went through, no problems at all,” she said.

Ummm, yep, that happens.  You owe money, people won’t lend you more.  You pay it back, they (normally) will.  Simple.  So why is this NEWS?

It even explains it at the end of the article:

She said the bill wasn’t a problem but it was a shock to see something come back from the past.

“There were so many people unaware of the debt, so surely it would suggest there is a problem with the way power companies are communicating with their customers,” Ms Healey said.

“If they wanted me to pay it, why didn’t they contact me?

“Perhaps they sent mail to my Dunedin address, but I never got any and maybe my untrustworthy flatmates never forwarded any on.”

Right, so the complainant admits they don’t mind paying it, and admits the flatmates probably didn’t send the mail on.

Again, no news, nothing to see here, move on.

Black and White Version: Sometimes newspapers seam to make up stories for no apparent reason.

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