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ipad wifi issue

iPad wont work in Koru lounge (for now)


It appears the well publicised iPad wifi issue means that my iPad won’t connect to any AirNZ koru lounge wifi hot-spots.

Let me know if you have an iPad and it works for you, but I have tried it in more than half a dozen different lounges in NZ in the last week and none of them worked.  They all worked on my iPhone and MacBook air.

I tried all the advice Apple gives on the iPad – wifi issue found here, but none of them work for me.  Lucky I have the 3G I guess and can use mobile data still.

Luckily this is not an issue for me at home or work, and both all the wifi connection there work well (and they are a mix of N and G speed).

Anyway, waiting for the fix from Apple (soon me hopes).  I don’t think I want to wait for iOS4 (September/October 2010) for this one.

Black and White Version: iPad wifi still needs work.  Fix please Apple.

UPDATE 10/7/2010: It’s working (easy fix in settings).  Full details in this new post.

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AirNZ – Rob Fyfe has style


Yesterday I was on of my regular domestic flights within New Zealand, and of course flew AirNZ.

A wee surprise was that Rob Fyfe, AirNZ’s CEO was on the flight, no big deal I hear you say, well maybe not, except he pitched in and helped serve the tea/coffe and snacks (yes AirNZ still does this).

A couple of things to comment on here:

  1. He’s VERY down to earth for a CE of a major company.  He clearly was an “extra” (as they had enuf crew) but just did the job of a normal crew member and was very personable.
  2. He has EXCELLENT dress sense, and this wasn’t just coz he was wearing the same brand of jeans as me (True Religion).  He also had a D&G jacket that suited him to a t, and very snazzy shoes :-)
  3. He’s actually a fully trained crew (legitimately). This is done for lots of reasons, but one is that in case of a strike, management can crew aircraft legitimately.  It’s also a very nice touch.

His approachability actuality reminds me of John Key (that’s NZ’s Prime Minister in case any non Kiwis are reading) in a way.  Clearly successful (both personally and financially), has a good sense of humour, and down to earth and approachable.  Speaking of which I am really impressed how John key goes out of his way to say hi to those around him when he gets on a plane.  Very real, very genuine, and very kiwi (this is John Key’s web site here)

Its awesome I live in a country where the PM (and for that matter the CE of our national airline) chat with us common folk, in fact one that goes out of his way to do it (and not just in front of cameras).   I regularly accost, chat to John (I call him John, coz if I called him “J-man” he might look at me funny), at the airport when I see him, I this so he remembers me when I write him letters :-) .  Try getting withing 50m of the President of the US at an airport and I think you might get arrested.  In fact try BEING at the same airport – they normally close the whole city!

Black and White version: New Zealand is an awesome place to live.  AirNZ and NZ also have very approachable and very kiwi CE’s (the PM is kinda the CE of NZ right?)

PS: If you like NZ as much as I do, you can of course join the NZ is the best country in the world FaceBook group – everything has a FaceBook group :-)

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AirNZ – internet and text on a plane!


Air New Zealand have done it again. Innovative and adaptive, and are offering internet and text services on long haul flights on their new Boeing 777 planes arriving in November.

Thank god there are a few restrictions:

They are not allowing voice calls however.


Passengers will also be requested to keep their phones on ‘silent’ mode.

PHEW! hope they police that silent rule!  As someone has already threatened on via FaceBook

I hope someone who’s willing to pay the expensive price isn’t sitting next to me while I’m trying to sleep. Otherwise their phone may be grabbed & thrown down the toilet if it keeps beeping or vibrating while I’m trying to sleep. Is 12 hours really so long to be out of contact??? Enjoy the piece and quite for pete’s sake!

I think the key here will be to make sure policing the rules is tight and that this is explained well to all (especially those that don’t use it, so their are no flights).

AirNZ are actual VERY innovative in the Airline space, and win a bunch of awards, not the least of which being the 2010 Airline of the Year. Here is some of the cooler stuff I think they have done:

Anyway, this is not for everyone and at $40 a meg, not everyone will even be able to afford it, BUT and here is the kicker, at least now we have choice. And 80c for a text isn’t too bad – about what you pay for in many countries while roaming.

Black and White Version: Choice is good, AirNZ is innovative (again), and now I can post blogs while in a plane (but I probably wont!)

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AirNZ Virgin Blue alliance- more to the story that first glance


I am a fan of AirNZ.  I blog about AirNZ heaps, and 99% of the time it’s positive, if not downright glowing, feedback (just see my last post as an example!).  But I think they got it wrong this time, and BIG TIME.  Plus, I think there is something more to it – and it’s not about the trans-tasman route.

Anyway I read in the news when I was in Sydney on Monday that AIrNZ proposes an alliance with Virgin-Blue on the trans-tasman. In fact if I was more precise I would say AirNZ are going to seek regulatory approval for an alliance.  And there is a subtle, but important, difference as this article points out (ie it needs approval to go ahead).

Anyway, I think its mostly a bad idea and here’s why:

Summary Table: How it effects everyone, pros/cons and who wins (if anyone).


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AirNZ rocks again!


I have to take my hat off to AirNZ.

I have blogged about it several times, they do such cool stuff such as:

The list goes on!

Anyway, today I went to book for the Save100 airfare to OZ (which basically just takes $100 off whatever deal you can get).  I managed to get a flight to from Christchurch to Auckland, stay a day, fly onto Melbourne and back to Christchurch for under $500 including taxes.

Anyway .. the web site wouldn’t play ball, and as we know, Airlines like to charge extra to talk to a person, so I called the 0800, and spoke to a person and explained my issue.  They checked with the internet team (a few minutes) and then said “OK .. no prob, I can do the booking for you and we wont charge you the booking fee.”  Now it MIGHT seam common sense to do this, but I trust me when I say that common sense is NOT that common!

Well done AirNZ.  I like you even more now!

To be fair AirNZ are not perfect.  They screw up even. But the key thing is when they do they try to put it right (at least 99% of the time in my experience).

Black and White: AirNZ Rocks! 

PS: Check out the AirNZ points fairy if you haven’t already.

PPS: My part 2 and part 3 of reviewing Airlines (long haul) is coming soon!  Airline service Part 1 is here

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Andrew Little and the EPMU union WAY out of touch on AirNZ’s stance


Today, through the NZ Herald, Andrew Little, secretary of the Engineering, Printing & Manufacturing Union (EPMU) (and president of the Labour Party) attacked AirNZ’s stance on drink driving of it’s staff, and so called”Grubby Deals” in obtaining info from the Police.

Let’s be clear here (black and white even?): I think if AirNZ has a zero tolerance for drink driving, and a person is caught drink driving then AirNZ not only has the right to, but SHOULD take action.  Health and safety is FAR more important that nanny state “privacy considerations”.  Get real Andrew Little!  The public would have VERY little sympathy for your stance.  In this case AirNZ are disputing the facts, so it’s not even clear what they do info-swap:

Mr Fyfe retorted to the police in a letter he made public that the claims were unsubstantiated.

I for one would even go so far to say that if police pull over a pilot and they are over the limit and they are on the way to work they MUST advise the airline, or else we end up with issues like this that happened in the UK, and again here. (Remember the threshold for pilots is ZERO, many airlines have a “no drinking 12 hours before flying rule).

UPDATE: Seams AirNZ are dammed if you do, and dammed if you don’t here.  This story in the Herald when staff are NOT fired (even when AirNZ can’t identify them) it’s somehow AirNZ’s fault.

Black and White Version: The EPMU is out of touch. Unions should stop defending ALL staff, and stick to those that deserve support.

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Rules for AirNZ Skycouch (aka cuddle class)


Someone (AirNZ even?) has a good sense of humour about this one.

Here are the new guidelines for behaviour when using the AirNZ Skycouch

Since not everyone may know the slang terms of Spooning or Forking is, just click on the images below to get the Urban Dictionary Definition.

Black and White Version: In AirNZ Cuddle class, Spooning is OK, forking not so.

Hat Tip: NZ Herald Sideswipe

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Airline Review – part 2 (short haul international travel).


Here is part 2(of 3) of my airline reviews (part one here).

Here I focus on short haul (under 4 hours) international travel. I will be mainly looking at Trans-Tasman trips (for the Americans reading this, that means from New Zealand to Australia or visa versa, or more likely “from one country you haven’t heard of to another you you might have, but generally have no idea where either is”).  In this part I have formatted the vast majority of text into a table, and limited comments to airlines that fly often.


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AirNZ: You get an A-. Well done again!


I have have blogged many times, AirNZ does some pretty cool stuff.  The word innovation would be at the top of list for descriptors.

Anyway, as mentioned yesterday, they have been working on some cool ways of getting a more flat “bed” like seat in economy class.

And today – the announced it.  Watch the video here.

The biggest development is certainly in the economy class space where two people can buy three seats and get a lie down bed (sideways).  In effect people have done this themselves for years – if there is a spare row of 3 or 4, you put all the arm rests up and use it as a bed.  This is just taking that idea, making it more “official” and also a bed for two (even business class doesn’t do that!)

Anyway .. I give AirNZ an A-.  Not TOTALLY revolutionary (like my idea of bunks, or other peoples ideas of pods), but very innovative, especially for an airline that has 12 hour+ flights for most long haul stuff.

I think AirNZ will win customers from this – I know for one if I was going with someone I would buy the extra 3rd seat (apparently at half the normal price) so that I could sleep flat.

Black and White Version: AirNZ does it again – very innovative!

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AirNZ gets innovative (yet again). Proper sleepers for us plebs in cattle class?


AirNZ is once again about to be rather innovative with it’s new economy class (or ‘cattle class’ as many call it) layout.

While they are keeping tight lipped about the exact layout, there is rumours of even lie fly economy class beds (and here)

Regardless of what they do, AirNZ is pretty good at being highly innovative such a:

As report by the NZ Herald

Air New Zealand’s long-haul passengers flew further than most and for that reason the airline was concentrating on comforts in the cabin, rather than leaping into connectivity with the ground

So true.  They have the right focus.

I have often said, that there is enough SPACE is economy class for everyone to lie down, but not the correct layout (yet).   Next time you are on a long haul flight (so not across the Tasman or around the pacific – but anything big enough to warrant a 767/777/747 sized plane) you will see there is lots of space UP that’s not used.  If you are good at moving 3D objects in your mind – image your entire economy class row sliding down and lying flat, and at the same time the row in front sliding flat but at the same time going up above you.  So the end result is two rows of bunks.  See, enough room!   There are a number of issues with this such as the weight of the system to move the seats (adding lots of costs to flying the plane) and also issues with going to the toilet).  Anyway, the point I am making is the SPACE is there, what airlines need to do is be more innovative with HOW they use the space.  I have done enough 12 hours flights in seats that recline less than my office chair to know how hard it is to sleep like that, so any significant improvement will be very welcome (and unique amongst airlines).

I am hopefully AirNZ will be up to the task, and at the very least make a better system for economy class seats.  I for one will be watching this space.

Now all they need to do is build sound-proof booths for crying babies! (I think this one needs its own post!)

Black and White Version: AirNZ continues to be innovative.  Economy class may not suck quite so much soon!

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