Comedian Pam Ann crossed the line today in a rather stupid outburst on Facebook.

Known to have a HUGE gay following (I would estimate three quarters of her audience are gay, due to the theme of her work), and Pam make constant references to her gays during both her stage acts, and here regular FaceBook posts.

Today, in reference to Ryan Air’s new beds and blowjobs business class (link to Youtube if you wanna watch it) across the Atlantic (that’s Ryan Airs marketing for it!), Pam decided to be TRY to be funny and made the following post:

Blowjobs on Ryanair’s long haul business class I’d rather catch aids in Africa lol

I fully get that some humor will be offend some people, and I am all for pushing the boundaries, but this crossed the line.  WAY over.  And based on comments from those on FaceBook, many would agree.

Of course people can make mistakes.  Comedians included.  So LOTS comments asked Pam to delete the post, and apologise.  I think the matter would have ended there.

But instead Pam left the post up, and clearly seeing the backlash from her gays, changed her profile picture to a rainbow flag.

Sorry Pam – this makes it worse.  You clearly see the issue, but choose to try to make up for it by pretending to be gay friendly, when clearly you are EXTREMELY ignorant on both Aids, and in particular those in Africa who suffer from it.

So, this post is all about exposing Pam for who and what she is.

Comments welcome!

Black and White Version: Pam’s funny, but she needs to remember her core audience and how hurtful her ill-thought out comment was. When you’re a one trick pony, best not to p*ss off your audience. Apologise now Pam, please. (quoted directly from Tania on FaceBook)

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