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Reviewing Web Pages

From time to time I review web pages (coz so much out there is so bad, but there’s some cool stuff too!)

Consistent with this site’s White and Black/ Black and White philosophy, I keep it pretty simple, but real.  So, here’s the system I use to rate web sites:

  1. First of all I will state what I think the purpose of the site is (or at least SHOULD/COULD be).  (some brief words eg “provide info, sell widgets, show the product is leading edge or whatever.)  This is needed for step 2.
  2. I rate how well the site meets it’s purpose (you can see why I do “1″ now!).  This will be a “Fail, Pass or Pass with merit”
  3. I rate how user friendly it is.  This will be “Unfriendly, Friendly or Super Friendly”
  4. I rate how consistent the web page is to the product/service being sold (ie One might expect the Apple site to look modern, the coke site to be fun, and a lawyers web page to look professional.  If a lawyers web site looked fun, it might not work so well!).  This will be a “Pass or Fail”
  5. Overall comment: No more than 4 words.

Example (and a real review):

  • Web Site: www.apple.com
  • Purpose: Provide info on apple products and services.  Sell product/service. Promote Apple as a leader in the hardware and software space.
  • Meets purpose: Pass with merit (although it does get more cluttered each time I visit)
  • User friendly: Friendly (I don’t get lost too often)
  • Consistent with Brand: Pass (for sure – very “Apple” like!)
  • Overall Comment: Well thought out.

See here for a full list of reviews (including web sites).

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