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How I review movies

Unlike most movie reviews I wont actually say what the movie’s story is, because, well, I think that spoils it (I think its a sign of a bad reviewer when all they can do is regurgitate the story in their review).  What I will do is tell you if I liked it, recommend who (if anyone) might want to go see it, and then give it my overall rating.  I’ll also make comment if I think the acting was good, the story line was interesting, or it make some importantly social commentary.  I will also make comment on the highlights (if any), low-lights, acting, and anything else that grabs my attention.  I might even mention if someone in the movie was particularly hot  – you get the idea, it will just be a random rant.

However, I  have developed (and updated) a sophisticated, black and white, advanced rating system1, which works like this:

Rating of A: All movies with a A rating are very good movies indeed, with the following sub categories

  • A1: Go see it NOW at a theatre, and buy the DVD too, it’s that good!
  • A2: It’s a great movie – go buy the DVD when it comes out
  • A3: Go see it at a theatre  – you will want to get the “big picture” feel to it

Rating of B: Movies I rate as B are a good solid movie, and very watch-able, with the following sub-categories:

  • B1: See it at movie theatre once (it needs the big screen)
  • B2: Rent the DVD when you can.

Rating of C: An OK movie.  it’s like, ummm, watch-able, with the following sub-categories

  • C1: Rent a DVD, once it’s not a new release (so cheaper)
  • C2: If it comes on TV, watch it, it’s not that bad
  • C3: If you are trapped on a long-haul flight, and it’s a movie option, give it a try
  • C4: Download it (I am assuming you know what a torrent is?)

Rating of D: This means I don’t really rate it at all.  With that said, there are levels of bad (B3 being the worst).:

  • D1: If it comes on late at night on TV watch it – it will help put u to sleep
  • D2: If someone gives you the DVD, it means they don’t really like you or have REALLY bad taste
  • D3: This does to the film industry what George W did for US international relations

You will notice I rate A2: (buy the DVD) above – A3 (see it at a theatre now). This is due to the fact that seeing it at the theatre is (normally) a one off event.  Buying the DVD is when you may want to see it more than once (ie it has some value in seeing it again, or just being on ones ‘collection’).

For a full list of movie related posts see here.

1: Well OK, you may not think its THAT advanced, but at least it’s kinda novel.

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