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I am fortunate to work in the health/fitness industry. Over the last 20 years I have owned clubs (for over 15 years), taught group exercise (in the 80s even!) and more recently attended and presented at numerous exercise related conferences around the world.  This means I am fortune enough to rub shoulders with some of the world’s very best exercise gurus.

Based on this experience, and my own philosophy, I have formed what you could say is a “philosophy” towards exercise, which shows in my posts on the topic.

When making a post, I try to very much be true to the catch phrase of this blog – simplyifying the world we live in.  So while I will link to research and trends, I will try to focus on the “so what?” – ie “So what does that mean I should/n’t do?”.  I’ll also use some basic principle of “what are humans designed to do” type approaches, so you can see it not only is based on science, but on millions of years of design (or evolution if you like).

Anyway, rather than describe my philosophy in too much depth here, I believe it would be more beneficial to read a few of my posts, which will show you my approach to exercise and health/wellness.

So, here are my most recent posts related to health and fitness:

Coming up …

  • How to get started in the fitness industry
  • Why I think running long distances is bad for you
  • Water – and why it’s not all its cracked up to me

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