PR (good or bad) - Apple 13.3-inch Macbook Pro - only $1599.99 (save $300) - today only! rip off AGAIN


It looks like are at it again with misleading retail prices.

I have blogged about FirstIn’s inflated prices before here, and also their misleading specs on products here. And yep they are at it again!

Today I see they have an 2nd hand (they say refurbished – but by who?) MacBook Pro for $1599 that they say saves $300. (In case the page disappears I have pasted a screen shot below).

Well I did a comparison with the only site I know always sells refurbished Apple gear – Apple NZ.  And I find their STANDARD price on this unit is $1527 (again image shown in case this link dies).  Now I will explain that the Apple product is a 2.4GHz processor, where as the FirstIn is 2.53, but Apple also have the 2.66GHz model, with a larger (320GB) hard drive for only $1699.  So that’s $200 LESS than the supposed standard price FirstIn claim, for a BETTER unit.  Take a look for yourself – Apple sell heaps of refurbished stuff all the time. So where is the $300 saving?  What’s this based on?   In fact it’s $72 MORE than Apple, plus Apple do free shipping, so that’s (up to) another $10 saved, depending on where in NZ you are.

It took me 30 seconds to find this price, so FirstIn cant claim they didn’t know.  This what they do for a living (sell stuff online), and they REPEATEDLY inflate their so called RRP to show larger discounts than are really there.  In this case they are actually charging MORE than a comparable unit. I would MUCH prefer to by direct from Apple – I trust them when they say its refurbished, and I also trust Apple’s pricing (coz they don’t mess with it, and they rarely discount). It goes without saying I don’t trust FirstIn.

Black and White Version: continue to be misleading on their pricing/discounts.  I don’t trust them.

PS: Click on either image below for a larger view.  Both images copied from their respective web sites at 1.15pm on 12 July 2011.

Click on image for full view

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XT bashing


I think the only place that has more XT bashing at the moment than the mainstream media is FaceBook.  Appears the in thing to do is post ‘I hate XT’ or any deviation.  A witty link to something else topical helps, but doesn’t appear compulsory.  FaceBook fan pages, status updates, and links to TradeMe auctions about XT lemons. It’s all the rage this week.

Interesting to see the extent really, since unlike something like power supply in New Zealand, we actually have choice when it comes to mobile networks.   Yes they all rip us off (well I guess 2 Degrees is at least trying to help there), and yes the interconnect/termination rate is WAY WAY to high, BUT we actually have simple portability (you can take your # with you if you swap networks) and as has already been identified, NZ has one of the highest rates of people having 2 mobiles (aka 2 different networks).   Anyway .. lets explore this some more: (more…)

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XT Update – it’s back again!


I won’t say XT is fixed, coz I dont think it is.  But it’s working again (for now)

Black and White Version: XT is on again (for now).

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XT is down .. AGAIN!


Yep, Telecom’s NZ flagship* mobile network XT is down AGAIN (yeah that should read again, again).  And has been since 4.30pm today.

This is getting serious.

I have blogged about the trust issue before, and indeed XT in general quite a lot (I actually LIKE it, I think it ROCKS actually, but only when it works).

I am sure a few people at Telecom (Chorus, Telecom Wholesale, Gen-i, everyone) is getting REAL frustrated by this, but the major issue is long term reputation dammage that will take YEARS to rebuild.

In hindsight maybe they shouldn’t have rebranded QUITE yet :-)

Black and White Version: Telecom are very close to a MAJOR PR nightmare here.

* I accidentally typep flagshit not flagship in the 1st line of this post and didn’t pick it up until I had posted this.  Oooops (honest – it was a genuine typo).  Anyway, it has been suggested to me that that term was actually more appropriate :-)

UPDATE 5.50pm: It’s back again. For now

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Owning a colour – it can be done


I was online today looking at stuff (the new FaceBook I think) and saw an ad out of the corner of my eye and thought “Oh, I will see what they are up to”.  But no, it wasn’t them.

You see all I saw was a colour – yellow in this case.  Now without an image you might think “Who advertises that uses yellow”, but with an image (see on the right), if you are into anything gadgetry, you might just recognise it. Sure I kinda cheated, coz you might also get a hint from the font, but the key thing here is if your brand is strong enough a COLOUR is enough to make you think of it.

Some more (better) examples: (more…)

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AirNZ wins airline award


The NZ Herlad reported today that AirNZ won the Air Transport World “Oscar” of best airline.

Well done AirNZ – well deserved.  As I have said in many posts on AirNZ, they do most things VERY well, and are highly innovative.

Black and White Version: AirNZ Rocks!

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Silly AirNZ – bad PR


AirNZ, in my view, is a pretty good airline.  While they don’t get everything right, their changes in the last few years in terms of service delivery (kiost check in, “space plus” seats, on demand entertainment on trans Tasman flights etc) is either leading edge, or at the very least caught AirNZ up to the best in the pack.

However, in this case they just screwed up.  Mike Pero (the guy made semi-famous as the mortgage guy, and former part owner of an airline) decided to co-ordinte a flight (on a non profit basis) for anyone who wanted to fly down to Erebus and back (for the record the flight wouldn’t land). Attacking someone who is organising something for the families of those who died in the Erebus tradgey is an STPUID tactic.  AirNZ should not comment on it, or if they do just say “We wish them luck, if people want to go on it then why not”.  Not only does AirNZ look petty (and indeed thoughtless) but their own offer of a flight to the ice for 5 individuals comes under greater scrutiny.  Is 5 enough?  Up until now I don’t think the quantum has been questions.  I think now it might. (To be fair, the five will be flying down, landing, and visiting the actual accident site.  There are no commercial flights to do this, so they will be using the US Airforce).

Remember sometimes the best PR tactic is to say nothing.

Black and white Version: Silly AirNZ, silly.

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