About White and Black

This is the (un)professional blog of Richard Beddie, a kiwi (New Zealander), living in Christchurch.  If you want my professional (well MORE professional) web page – visit www.richardbeddie.co.nz

I called it White and Black, because in this messed up world that we live in we often want stuff to be simpler, easier, more accessible (well at least I know I do!)   So, White and Black was born (for the uninitiated, it’s a play on “Black and White”, partly because I wanted a play on words, but mainly because the domain combination using “black and white” were taken).

In this blog you will find my views, rants, philosophy, opinion, desires and above all my passion for what I believe in. The common theme will be I will TRY to make things more white and black (or if you prefer, more black and white).

In addition to the main blog page, you can also find about more about my philosophy on life , as well as various health & wellness tips too.

But you didn’t come here to read this page now did you?   Go on .. click on the blog link to the side (or above).

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