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Just a reminder, this is my personal blog, it is in no way a reflection of the views of any organisation I work for, am associated with or even shop at.  My views are my own (although I do plagiarise ideas all the time* – so it may have been someone else’s before mine), but other than me and the person I stole it from, it’s entirely possible I am alone in thinking it, so don’t try to link the ideas on this blog to anyone but me.

I reserve the right to contradict myself, be a hypocrite, and even be wrong.  Although I do promise to try not to do any of these things on purpose (although that may have been a lie – who knows).

Even this disclaimer is an attempt to be (mildly) humorous – everything on this site should be taken with a pinch of salt, an open mind, and above all, a positive attitude.

* When I can show credit via a web link, or even just acknowledge who inspired by thought, I will do so.

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