Let’s cut to the chase here: The new Logitech ultrathin keyboard for the iPad (2 or new) rocks.  It ticks all my boxes (and I use my iPad HEAPS when travelling): It’s totally ‘Apple-esque’ (aka it’s sexy and slim and even shiny in the right places), it took me 15 seconds to set up without a manual, and it adds a bunch of functionality to my iPad while also being a protective cover. It even fixes the big gripe many people have with iPad keyboards (read below for more on that).  

The acid test: I now have it on my iPad permanently, need I say more?

The in-depth version

Anyone reading this blog knows I like Apple stuff, particularity mobile devices.  I now use my iPad as a laptop replacement, taking it with me for any trip that’s under 2 weeks.

Two things I never quite got was styli and keyboards for the iPad  After all, isn’t the whole idea of the iPad that it’s touch, and it’s small and mobile?  Well lately I have started to use both, and I have to say I am liking the keyboard in particular (I’m still not sold on the whole pen/styli thing yet).

Anyway, for someone that uses the iPad heaps when travelling it gets a fair bit of work for any decent email replies, and in the week I’ve been using the Logitech, I have already noticed how much more useful/productive the iPad is.

Check out this video, it shows how it works/fits with iPad way better than I could with pics

What the video doesn’t show is that when the iPad is slotted in, it’s held in SUPER well with strong magnets.  I don’t recommend it, but you CAN pick up the iPad and the keyboard comes with it (you can even jiggle it – it holds super well!).

Stuff I like about the Logitech:

  • Very Apple-esque (sexy, shiny, slim)
  • Magnetic lock to both hold keyboard on iPad and to hold iPad into keyboard when in use works super well.  (PS: While the images don’t show it, and I am sure Logitech don’t recommend it, you can even slot the iPad in portrait mode and it works well, albeit there is no magnetic lock in this position).
  • I like having a case that gives me magnetic on/off.  It’s so thin, it’s thinner than a lot of standard fabric cases that don’t provide any extra functionality.
  • It has a SUPER DOOPER handy iOS ‘home’ key on the keyboard (yes it simulates pressing the home key on your iOS device, so lacking on most other keyboards I have used). It also has a bunch of other short cut keys (like cut and paste etc) as well as the regular volume, pause/play.
  • Most blue-tooth keyboard are either not designed specifically for the iPad (aka Apple standard keyboard), so they’re not very portable (and no home key), or they are have super crappy keys (so many are rubber – what is this, the 80s?).  The Logitech keyboard is a high quality keyboard.  It’s totally usable for hours a day of typing (I’ve done it).

Some people (like me, until I tried this keyboard) never really get the whole keyboard for an iPad thing.  I think I had this feeling for the first few minutes of using the keyboard until I discovered the home key, and started using the iPad in apps that need a keyboard for more than a few seconds (like mail for example).  I have to say it totally rocks!  A few minute on, and it hasn’t come off my iPad (and I’ve been using it for over a week). My usable screen real estate has now almost doubled when using this keybaord.

Stuff I don’t like about it:

  • I would have to be REAL picky to find anything I don’t like.  And any other comments would just be suggestions for improvements.  If you compare it to the best keyboard about there (well, ok, my fav – the Apple keyboard), the only thing it has over the Logitech is that it’s ‘normal’ size.  But I have to say I never missed a key-press on the Logitech, so wasn’t an issue.  Also the Apple keyboard has no ‘home’ key, and it’s too big to be genuinely portable, and you still need a stand/case for your iPad to use it.

Other stuff you should know:

  • Set up is super easy.  When I opened the box, I threw away the manual (I mean it’s supposed to work with an iPad right, and we don’t look at iPad manuals do we?).  Anyway, it took me 15 seconds to set it up (Settings>Bluetooth>Connect)
  • I’d recommend a nice slip cover for the combined iPad/Keyboard.  It closes into a super sexy Apple like clam shell, and fit perfectly into stretchy covers like Crumpler.  That’s a personal thing though, depends if you throw your iPad into a bag with keys etc like I do, and don’t want either the iPad or keyboard scratched.  Anything that fits the iPad and has any stretch in it should fit.
  • It charges via micro-USB (cable provided).  It lasts months (six, apparently) between charges.

The Logitech ultra thin keyboard is available from heaps of retailers, including Logitech direct, and has a RRP of $NZ169, not cheap, but quality never is :-)

Black and White Version: My iPad now has a new partner (and I don’t put anything non-sexy on my iPad). The Logitech ultra-thin keyboard rocks!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own.

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