Here they are, Richard’s black and white tips for the playing in the bedroom:

Before I start it’s best to clarify that some people may be offended by this post, some may not.  Some might even be disappointed.  Anyway, read on:

  1. Buy a duvet cover that has a patten on one side, and a plan colour on the other.  That way you can find the corners easily when changing the cover.
  2. Buy a duvet cover and duvet one size bigger than the bed. Looks great, and means there is more duvet to share if you sleep with a duvet hog
  3. Drop the top sheet. Just get a fitted sheet and duvet.  It means making the bed takes 20 seconds.  It DOES mean you wash the duvet cover with the sheet, but that’s hardly a biggie.
  4. Only ever ever use natural fibres, preferably cotton, next to your skin.  So that means sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases.
  5. NEVER skimp on a bed.  You spend almost a third of your life on one!

I told you some people might be offended.  But I figure if you had a dirty mind you had already stopped reading. (When I said playing, what did you think I meant?).

Black and White Version: Setting up the bedroom linen is easy, but don’t skimp on $.

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