Dr. Bill Sukala TVNZ expose on the Ab Circle ProThe ab circle pro is back.   Well the ads are, and a ’2.0′ gets added.  But it’s still crap.

As I have already blogged that the Ab Circle Pro is a scam.

It was reviewed by clinical exercise physiologist, Dr William Sukala (a VERY knowledgeable guy!) who hammered the claims in detail in his post here.

He went on to review the new ad Ab Circle Pro 2.0 ad here, and says:

The only things left after a nuclear blast? Cockroaches and the Ab Circle Pro V 2.0
I had hoped the Ab Circle Pro would die a quick death after my exhaustive product review from June of last year (Ab Circle Pro Review: Fat Marketing Claims Thin on Truth).  The article went viral across the global fitness industry and I received a tremendous number of supportive emails and not a single negative one (a sign that legitimate exercise professionals are fed up with the product).   But much to my chagrin, Jennifer Nicole Lee is back with a rehashed version of the product not so creatively dubbed the Ab Circle Pro version 2.0.  As far as I can tell, V 2.0 appears to be virtually the same as the 1.0 model without any noticeable structural changes.  The only appreciable difference I noticed had nothing to do with the product, but more to do with their questionable marketing and barely legal claims.

In summary he states:

Ab Circle Pro V 2.0:  New and Improved Garbage


Bottom line:  I advise consumers NOT to purchase the Ab Circle Pro 2.0

I could not agree more.  DO NOT BUY ONE!

This product does NOT do what it claims, and is pandering to the inherent laziness in us all (hey who doesn’t want the magic bullet – perfect body for no work?  But sorry, it just doesn’t work that way).

But don’t believe me, have a look at any of these:

Black and White Version: The Ab Circle Pro is a scam, and does NOT do what it claims.  Don’t buy one (can I be any more black and white here?)

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