I have said this personally to people many time in the last month or two, but wanted to states it here really clearly:

I live in Christchurch, and while having two major earthquakes in six months sucks, I love the city, think it has a great future ahead of it, and I personally have no intention of moving.

Sure, having no running water for a few weeks was annoying, and having no power wasn’t much fun (although candles makes it kinda fun), and the roads from home to work are like driving a slalom course – but this is all short term stuff.  We now have water*, power, and sewage (at least 95% of the city does), and roads get better every day.

* The water is even drinkable now! Sure, it tastes like Auckland water (aka is sucks), but at least we don’t have to boil it anymore.  Give it six months and it will tastes like ChCh water used to (i.e. it wont taste at all).

The council, and civil defense and central government are doing an AWESOME job of getting things back to normal, and I see so much potential for Christchurch, so I am here for the long haul.

That is all.

Black and White Version: Christchurch ROCKS!

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