A source inside Telecom has told me that they is about to release their own tablet to compete with the iPad.

Here’s my take on this: DUMB!

WHY WHY WHY?  This is almost as bad (although not as big) as their decision to ignore GSM for so long and stick with their old CDMA network.

Why go against the grain?  Why invest resources (time and money) to advertise a product that 1% of the population will want (or use).  Even if you sell it to corporates due to a low price point, users of it will hate it coz it’s not an iPad (and hate both Telecom and their employer in the process).  OK, maybe I am overstating that, but it’s just a STUPID call IMHO.   How many times can I say DUMB?

But for anyone interested (not that it matters) here are the specs:

  • RRP: $399.00
  • OS: Andriod 2.1
  • 7″ resistive touch screen
  • 3mp back facing camera

Sure the price is nice, and the camera is better than the iPad, but if one thing Apple has taught us is that people will pay for things they WANT, regardless of specs.

That’s all I have for you now, but it’s enuf to say EPIC FAIL in my view.

Update 30/3/11: Rumor is its this model: TheZTE V9.  Full details of Telecoms new tablet here.  (note this is still all rumours)


Black and White Version: Telecom are retuning to their past and making strategic blunders.  Here’s a tip for you Telecom: Bite the bullet and buy some iPhones guys!

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