There sure is a lot to blog on right now.  So here is my cut to the chase, black and white take on lots of news of late

Richard’s black and white take on recent (earthquake) events:

  • Ken Ring is wrong on earthquakes. He doesn’t know shit about the topic.  He can’t predict earthquakes.
  • Ken ring is quite good on weather prediction.
  • To see more about both people really should READ Ken Ring’s web page (and read more than one paragraph!).  See how Ring predicts a large earthquake around March 20th in the Culverdon and Amberly region (not Christchurch).  See also how he predicts a major earthquake every week.
  • John Campbell showed poor judgment when interviewing Ring (but he has apologised for it the next day).
  • The whole discussion on tax increase to pay for the earthquake recovery (by politicians and the media) is premature and distasteful – now is not the time.  DPF on KiwiBlog says this so much better!
  • I find it interesting that people in Aranui Christchurch think they aren’t getting looked after coz they are in a poor suburb.   They are wrong.  Rich suburbs get the same treatment too.   I live in Sumner (one of the hardest hit suburbs).  I didn’t get power for a week (in the last 15% of the city to get it), I still have no water or sewerage, there are no portaloos on my street (in fact none for a km), and I haven’t seen a Red Cross, Council worker, or civil defense person yet.  But I am OK with that.  They are doing what they can.  I can drive to a mate’s for a shower, candles and torches worked well for light. I could go on ….
  • Things like power, showers, and running water are very easy to take for granted.
  • Lost pets are one of the untold stories of this earthquake.  Cats (and dogs, when fences fall down) run away.
  • The best before and after pics on the earthquake are here

Oh, and here is the BEST story about the earthquake so far. A TradeMe auction of a rock (that hit someone’s house – image top right).  The Q&A are priceless!

Question: This is a serious question . . . what was Rocky’s previous job, before he became a Landscape Feature? athena2 (390 )  4:56 pm, Mon 28 Feb
Answer: He was a top rock star of course :-) 5:26 pm, Mon 28 Feb
Answer: Seller Comment: FACTS ABOUT ROCKY: Fav drink: Martini (shaken not stirred), Fav cafe, Hark Rock (anywhere), Fav band: Rolling Stones, Fav actor: Sylvester Stallone, Fav actress: Sharon Stone, Fav colour: Slate, Fav pastime: Moving houses, Fav movie: Romancing the stone, Fav TV programme: The Flintstones, Fav pastime: Hangin in my house, Fav song: Eye of the tiger by survivor, Fav ice cream: Rocky road…. 9:15 am, Tue 1 Mar
Question: I have a few questions about the rock (not the radio station). does it come with a water feature? does it come with free delivery? and one very important question: are you all ok? chubs41 (42 )  8:26 pm, Tue 1 Mar

Answer: 1. yes: my mains line that he went through, 2. nope – he is roll on roll off, 3. yep we are all okay thanks very much 8:38 am, Wed 2

Black and White Version: This Ken Ring is a nutter, John Campbell was rude, clean up is taking a while, but a great job is being done.

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