I spotted two cool transport options recently – one a toy, and the other a potentially viable commuter transport option (albeit probably not something that would be the sole transport device).  Both are available from NZ distributors.

So here they are:

1) The Scartt

This is basically an off road toy for two.    The price of a mid priced jet ski, but without any of the hassle of water (although like a jet ski, a trailer is required, since it’s not road legal).

All yours for $10990 + gst!

Full details on the Scartt visit the web site.  

2) Vmoto Electric Scooter

An electric (zero carbon emission) scooter.  Has a range of 90km (when traveling at 45-65km/hr), which increases to 170km at 25km/hr.

Not sure if this would work for me, not coz of the range (that’s fine), or the top speed even (65km/hr does it for me), but coz it can only go up a 12% incline.  The hill I live on is at least 25% in parts (probably more), so kinda kills that option.

The web site ZeroEmissions doesnt list the price, but does have all the specs, and with a bit of hunting one does find the price on another site (Vmoto.co.nz).

Yep, this scooter can be yours for $5185 ride away!

Black and White Version: Plenty of cool and cheap(ish) transport options in NZ, some even are green.

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