International Hug a Gay Day

OMG, how did I (almost) miss this one this year!

Yes, 2nd February is once again international hug a gay day (it’s the 4th Annual Hug A Gay day).

Last year I posted about how many were confused about what is was for, and how to hug a gay, so I produced a quick guide.  The full Hug a Gay Day guide is here, and the unwritten rules for Hug a Gay day here, but in a nutshell:

  • Anyone can hug a gay today (best to ask 1st)
  • Gay guys hugging gay guys is OK – but you do that anyway right?   So its more about str8 mates hugging you to show how cool and modern and metro (if they are a guy) they are.
  • Self hugs don’t count (even if you are gay)

The most common question I still get is How long should I hug for? And my reply is that my gay friends said no more than 5 seconds, my straight mates said (on average), around 3.  So let’s say under 4 seconds.  Better still, let’s make it catchy:  Hug for 3, and you’ll be free, hug for 4, and you might get more. (Did that make any sense?  Can you tell I don’t write jingles for a living?)

Oh, and the how to hug video in case you missed it:

Black and White Version: Hug a gay day is back!   Go on do it, I know you want to!

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