Today the Christchurch Press lead story online was Drunk young women ‘sexual attack targets’

I have criticised the media (especially newspapers ) for misleading headlines a fair bit in the past, but this time I am gonna take the contrary view and say the headline is so obvious there is no story.

The 1st line of the article says it all:

Young women found grossly drunk and alone on Christchurch streets are “easy prey for sexual predators”, say police.

Ummm, yep.   But how is this NEWS?    That’s always been the case.

Although as is typical with anything about personal responsibility, the media still manage to screw the story up with quotes like this:

He did not blame those who abandoned the women as much as the alcohol industry, which marketed liquor to women and young people.

It’s good to see the person quoted didn’t blame the friends.  But blaming the alcohol industry is rather simplistic.  He missed the most important person in the whole situation: The Drinker.

Personal responsibility, together with good friends that say stop is the key to addressing this.

Black and White Version: Media love reporting obvious facts and then try to make it news with a new spin.   Drunk people are drunk coz they drink to much, and they shouldn’t – that’s the story.

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