I blogged recently about issues with the Vodafone network for smart phones, and how they (Voda) were trying to say they weren’t real issues, and blaming everything EXCEPT their network.  So I get to re-use my bullshit graphic, coz that’s what is, IMHO, happening again here, bullshit spin from Voda.

Because Vodafone have finally admitted there are issues.

However it’s clear that have major problems – not with (just) with their network, but with their attitude.

Vodafone spokesman Matt East defended the time it had taken Vodafone to notify customers of the fault.

Nokia Siemens Networks engineers had been looking into the “complex network issue” for a week and were working around the clock, but the cause was not yet known.

“We prefer to do a thorough investigation before we go out to customers, so we don’t give them the wrong information.

“We are not going to run out there every time someone drops a call and paste it over the website that we’ve got network issues or there is a problem.”

There wasn’t ONE complaint Mr East, there were dozens of complains. And you KNEW about the issue, because when it was reported last week Vodafone tried to blame iPhone users for turning on their phones at the same time.  That would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic (and untrue).  Ask anyone who works in the telco space and they will tell you the last response from Voda was complete rubbish (a few dozen phones connecting at one time does NOT take down a network!)

Here’s what you need to do Vodafone:

  • get real, and admit the issue
  • say you are gonna fix it (and do it)
  • compensate your customers
  • most importantly COMMUNICATE with your customers about the problems and update them on what’s happening (it would be too easy to put in a dig about being a communications company after all – ooops, too late I just did it).

And if you aren’t sure how to do this @ Vodafone – go hire some people from Telecom who handled the XT outages – they did the communications thing quite well.

The issue is less about IF things go wrong (coz shit happens) but WHAT you do about them when they do.

Black and White Version: Vodafone admit faults (finally) but their bad attitude is what needs to be fixed first.

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