I quite like bargains, especially for quality stuff (yep, I like champagne on beer money).  So I use web sites like www.wotif.com to book hotels, buy $30 bottles of wine on special at the supermarket for $9.95, and spend $14 to fly to Sydney with AirNZ when it’s on special.

But IMHO, there are just some things one should not skimp on and here they are listed below (in no particular order).

Stuff you shouldn’t skimp on:

  • Oil for your car (even a cheap car) – get a good grade synthetic like Mobile 1.
  • Cornflour: Get Fielders (or whatever your good local brand is).  Same applies to baking powder.
  • Toilet blue thingies you put in your cistern.  The cheap ones just don’t last.
  • Your daily coffee – enuf said.  If you don’t understand this one you never will.  And if you don’t have coffee daily, then you are broken, that or you live in America where one can’t get good coffee.
  • Vanilla Essence.  Don’t buy imitation vanilla essence, ever.
  • If you live on a computer all day, and/or it’s your main work tool, get a good one.  This means one that doesn’t crash and is fast enuf to do what you do regularly without you tearing your hair out.  This probably means getting a Mac :-)
  • For men that wear them to work: black socks.  You wear em for 8+ hours a day, so make sure they are 95%+ natural fibers (like cotton or wool).
  • Ice-cream.  The $9 a litre stuff is just SO much betta than $5 for 2l.    This of course assumes you don’t eat it every week, just as a treat.
  • Pizza.  Actually scrap that, pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad it’s kinda OK.
  • Flowers for special occasions: Spend the extra $ and get a nice bunch, that or go minimalistic (single red rose).
  • ISP providers – esp if you use the net a lot.

Just to be clear, no one payed me to plug any particular brand, and no brands have given me permission to use their name.  I just blog about stuff I like and use.

Black and White Version: Cheap stuff works well sometimes, and quality cheap stuff is even better. But sometimes it’s just not worth skimping.

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